October 2006


Annoying Humans

I have to admit that for the past week or two I have become increasingly annoyed with my fellow man for what might seem like a trivial issue.

But it is not trivial.

Why do people, as soon as they get to the top of the stairs, the end of a moving walkway, off of a train, or similar situation just stop?

I mean, is it too difficult to take a few steps and get away from the point of congestion, thus allowing other people to move about safely? It’s especially important for safety reasons at the end of moving walkways and at the end of escalators, but it’s also good manners to step away from the door after getting off the train so that the next person can get off the train as well.

For that matter, people hoping to get on the train need to step back from the door to allow those on the train to get off. I kid you not, today, I was about to get off a train and a wall of four people wanting to get on the train blocked me from getting off. I had to push my way through.

It’s aggravating and I feel like telling people off, but I restrain myself since I realize it probably wouldn’t do any good—although a few times, I have to admit, I have bumped into these assholes a bit more roughly than required, but I like to think that it helps make a point.

Call it passive agressiveness.

2 comments to Annoying Humans

  • Just say loudly, “Excuse me, I think I am going to hurl.” Works every time.

  • same sh*t when I try to exit the tram in jena… these people are rushing in, no matter if I want to get out. they even look kinda pissed off when they see me in the door. whats up with those *ssholes? as if they don’t know these doors are exits as well…
    really annoying indeed…