October 2006



So this is entry number 1,000. I’ve written 1,000 entries since conversion to the blog format. As such I thought I would think about the old entries and pick out ten of my favorites—even though I could have followed the crowd and gone with today’s holiday theme.

Firstly, this is not the first entry I’ve called “1,000.” The last time was a somber moment in US History—and, unfortunately, the number is now so high that I will not catch up for quite some time.

Counting down:

#10: An entry where I was suddenly schooled on the word “Faggots” and learned that I like to eat British Faggots. This was doubly amusing to me in light of an entry written a month previous where I was annoyed with Gay-American Activist defintion of faggot.

#9: In “The SMS Messages,” I revealed the text messages that I’d received from an overly eager young man in Erfurt. Blondie lyrics in the comments made me laugh uncontrollably.

#8: During Masturbation Month, I was asked a surprisingly blunt question.

#7: My trip to Kyiv yielded the most amazing New Year’s Eve ever with my friend Katya’s family.

#6: Before I restructured my blog earlier this fall, I was thinking about altering one of my past entries because it disparaged somebody in the Gay Bratislava community. Normally I wouldn’t care, but the entry was linked to by the BratislavaGuide.com – and was driving a lot of traffic to the entry. The entry still exists, but not on the page they link to.

#5: My trip to Armenia was incredibly moving—so many great things to talk about and think about; but for the moment talking about how I stood out, stands out.

#4: Unlike the States, in Germany Safe Sex is widely promoted, and condoms are put on bananas, and other fruit, in order to encourage kids to use protection. I put one on a banana, as well as another absurd device on another banana.

#3: I discovered accidentally that the topic of used underwear can get a lot of attention in “… Stuff.” After that I posted a photo of a guy whose used underwear I would gladly buy, and have, on more recent occasions talked about buying used underwear.

#2: The Cynical Queer makes an entry quite close to first place: My friend mistook satire for legitimate news and thought that Congressman John Hostettler really did want to change the name of Interstate 69.

#1: A short entry where I learned the meaning of a German word, schwerbehinderte.

3 comments to 1,000.

  • Gee, you had to bring that up again… and so close to the beginning. *ugh*

  • CQ: How could I not bring it up? I laugh about you falling for it; I laugh because it seem so plausible considering the man involved; i just laugh!

  • Gee, I don’t live in Indiana, I’ve never lived anywhere close to Indiana, I’ve only ever been to Indiana 3 times. Of course I’m open to falling for it. Sheesh!

    I guess it’s only amusing if you live(d) in Indiana and expect the rest of the world to get the joke.