November 2006


Pimp Me!

During my disco nap period in Berlin, I did something I rarely do any more: I turned on the television and ended up flipping between a few programs: repetitive CNN news, MTV, rtl, and repetitive CNN news.

MTV was where I landed for one of their peculiar “reality TV” programs. Now, I realize that those […]

Gay Berlin Notes

This blog entry is more for myself, although I suppose anybody who is gay and visiting Berlin might find it useful in planning their trip.

Event Calendars can be found at Siegessäule (“queer in Berlin.”) and sergej.de – print magazine versions can be found at queer venues in Berlin. Be careful: if you are in […]

Tea, Sweaters, and Bed

I woke up this morning with a worse sore throat than I went to bed with, but given that three different people had recommended that I gargle with salt water (and I had), it could have been worse.

Accordingly, I stayed home today, seeking the warm refuge of hot tea, comfy sweaters, and bed—but not […]

Talking to Strangers…

Today was one of those odd days in which I talked to a stranger on the train—principally because she was intently studying an English language instructor’s manual—on her way, as it turns out, to teach English. A Filipino living in Jena, it turns out that we have a common love of David Sedaris and The […]

Back Home Again…

My trip to Berlin was pretty darned good.


Now I will confess that I misplayed parts of my trip, but it is suffice to say that my opinion of Berlin has turned a corner. The city still has fundamental problems—like being too spread out and difficult to get around—but this time I kind of […]

Off to Berlin

I’m off to Berlin today, and I am going without my computer and without work.

I’ll pay for that later.

I am going to bring my German textbook in case I get bored on the train, and, if I can find one I want to read, a book. However, since one of my stops in […]

The Bird

The Expected

Honestly, it has already been said, over, and over, and over again, so in order to avoid feeling like a lemming, I decided I wouldn’t actually explicitly say it.

Regardless, I worked at home this morning—I had intended to sleep in a bit, but my body decided it wanted to be wide awake at 6:45—so […]

If I Masturbated…

If I masturbated, I would be sure to masturbate on December 22—as a part of the First Annual Solstice Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace.

I know that in the past I’ve encouraged participation in the War on Masturbation, as well as previous May Masturbation Months in 2004 and 2005. I just keep on encouraging it […]

All Hail UCLA

Dear Police Chief Ross and Acting Chancellor Abrams:

I am disappointed to learn that you have decided to have an independent investigation of the incident in your Powell Library.

Clearly the Police were correct in demanding immediate obedience from the younger more ignorant and disrespectful generation. The fact that Mr. Tabatabainejad did not immediately leave […]