November 2006



Today has been a good day—albeit busy.

And yes, I am happy about the elections, but I remain concerned about the Senate. Presuming the last two seats go Democratic (and they should), I am afraid of that asshole named Joe Lieberman. Sure Lieberman has said he will vote with the Democrats, but when was the last time he actually did vote with the Democrats?

I think Lieberman is the kind of opportunistic jerk who just might think to himself that he could be a powerful man in control if he decides to vote Republican—and certainly his political views are closer to Bush than anybody else.

Yes, I am worried sick about the Senate.

4 comments to Ah….

  • Yeah, I think Lierberman is a jerk. He should just switch to the Republican party and be true to himself. It is 9:16 AM here and I see online they say the Senate is now 49, 49 with 2 Independants who have said they would caucus with the Dems. So I think we have the Senate, too!

  • Well since I am quite oblivious with the US politics since I am not an American but still I saw the news and congrats to the Democrats

  • Jerry Faust

    It turns out that Lieberman wants to sit in the Senate as a Democrat rather than an independent and the Democratic party has agreed to that. I think he’s in line for a commitee chairmanship.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Republican switch to the Democratic side, but the most obvious candidate for doing that- Lincoln Chafee – lost his bid for reelection.

  • I imagine that if Democrats gain as little as one or two more seats, Lieberman could suddenly find himself out in the cold–barring an unexpected vacancy it will be at least two years…