November 2006


Another Blah Entry

Today was a vaguely productive day – I think one of my projects that I keep thinking is done, is now almost really done. I had a surprise email to deal with regarding the project at the end of the day, but that was no big deal in the end.

The day concluded with a really engaging talk that was, sadly, viewed by a very small audience. After it was over, I was quickly on my way home.

It’s a bit unnerving, for me, when it is dark out by 5pm—mind you the sun is not really up at 7, when I am preparing to leave the flat. Consequently the winter light has left me in a sleepy hibernation mood: I could imagine gorging myself (bad idea) and then crawling into a cave to sleep until the spring.

At the moment, the lack of timely information from a third party is probably going to force my hand. I suspect Bonn will be called off in favor of Berlin (not that Berlin is in the clear yet, but it has better odds). Berlin has the added bonus that I might be able to catch up with Katya who is stopping by Germany for a few days from her native Ukraine.

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  • jen

    hey adam, i hope you are doing well. i got off my lazy ass and read some entries…elections, used underwear, firecrackers up one’s ass, and orange shoes–all pretty dang interesting. i miss you tons and hope one day you return to the US to stay. note: i am incredibly jealous of your european adventures and think of you when i read john irving novels, because someone in his books inevitably goes over to vienna at some point during the book, and naturally i think of your adorable faggy ass. (((muah))))