November 2006


‘Tis almost the season…

Today I took one of the trains home from the office that forced me to either walk or take a taxi home. The train ride was really uncomfortable—way too many people and bicycles were trying to get on the train thus limiting personal space to practically zero. I positioned myself carefully to ensure that I would be one of the first people off of the train upon its arrival in Weimar.

After getting to Weimar, I opted to walk home because the weather was so extraordinarily nice.

Along the way, I stopped by the Weimar Office to have a cup of tea with a colleague. The Weimar Office (Café Laden) was busy—big news on their front: they are expanding the café! Soon they will open up a “living room” on the first (US: second) floor, with additional space to enjoy coffee, tea, and other beverages. The space is sorely needed: in the summer the outdoor “beach” is often completely packed, along with the inside tables. In the winter, 13 indoor seats is not nearly enough for the number of customers they have.

Oddly I was in the mood to drink tonight—Gluhwein. It’s not for sale yet—the weather was certainly too nice for it, and, quite frankly, the Christmas sales season has not yet started in Germany.

There are signs of its impending arrival. On my way home from tea, I wandered through Theaterplatz—only to discover that Goethe and Schiller have been joined by a number of little shacks that in a very short time will be selling a wide variety of Christmas related crap—some of it more loosely related (toy trucks with beer logos) than others (Santa hats). Usually I am quite cynical about such things for when it comes to the German Weihnachtsmarkt because there’s a lot to be cynical about! However, this time I started feeling sappy sentimental. I’m actually looking forward to having a glass (or two) of Gluhwein—a substance I cannot say I actually enjoy (indeed, much of it is rather toxic).

It’s hard to believe, but it really is almost the Christmas season! Thanksgiving is in a week, and for the third year in a row, I will be sitting down to enjoy turkey with people from the office. The day after, if all goes as planned, I will go up to Berlin to enjoy a fantastic weekend in the big city.

Finally, I discovered today that there is a new directory of Thüringen blogs at the Thüringen Blogzentrale. So far, I am one of three blogs listed for Weimar—and the only English language blog. I wonder if I could credibly claim to be the number one English language blog in Weimar.

4 comments to ‘Tis almost the season…

  • omg i remember the first time i had gluhwein…i was 10. yum!

    i also remember the last time i had gluhwein…i was 21 and i had far too much which made the train ride icky lol

    yum i ought to make a trip to have some more….yuuum

  • Yup Christmas is just around the corner. So what will you be doing then?

    Anyway, have a nice weekend dear!

  • B.

    We’ve got signs of christmas (and actual decorations) all around. It’s crazy.

    I’m actually looking forward to NOT having to celebrate thanksgiving this year. It always seemed like such an ordeal in the states…

  • I’ll be on a metal tube for a few hours heading to the States for a couple of weeks.