November 2006


Off to Berlin

I’m off to Berlin today, and I am going without my computer and without work.

I’ll pay for that later.

I am going to bring my German textbook in case I get bored on the train, and, if I can find one I want to read, a book. However, since one of my stops in Berlin is going to be a bookstore, I’ll probably just wait to buy a book up there so that I am not too weighted down going both directions.

Originally I had planned to do this trip in my backpack, but now I have to bring my suitcase because of the Swing Dance Night, which is going to require a bit more formal attire than I am used to wearing. Actually, it is making packing and clothing choices a nightmare: The coat I am planning on wearing is entirely wrong for the event and the weather is a bit on the cool side. However, if I bring the coat that goes over the jacket and doesn’t look darkish, it will then be exposed to smoke—something I try to avoid doing. Fortunately I have another hour to decide how to get out of this conundrum.

See you Sunday!

(And no, I am not doing Photo Friday this week, the third week in a row. Gross was beyond me, Evil only brings up cynicism, and Immature will lead only to comment spam in two weeks. I’m probably going to drop Photo Friday.)

2 comments to Off to Berlin

  • Have a safe travel! I’m having a hard time with photo friday this week…kinda boring and just another reason for people to post photos of their kids. blah. Though I still think you ought to do photo friday! 😉 but i understand why you don’t want to do it any longer. i love you!

  • MT

    I haven’t done Photo Friday in ages because of the themes. Blah.

    As to paying for leaving your work at home, well … don’t you deserve a break sometimes? 🙂