November 2006


Tea, Sweaters, and Bed

I woke up this morning with a worse sore throat than I went to bed with, but given that three different people had recommended that I gargle with salt water (and I had), it could have been worse.

Accordingly, I stayed home today, seeking the warm refuge of hot tea, comfy sweaters, and bed—but not all at the same time (necessarily).

In other words, a perfectly bland day.

On the upside, the odds that I am going to go to South Africa in 2007 have shot upwards dramatically—although my initial dip into ticket prices was a bit shocking ($2,500 for the proposed dates—I will probably go earlier or stay later in an effort to reduce my costs). It’s exciting to think that soon the furthest south I will have ever been is Cape Town and its environs.

Hopefully I will be able to say that the lowest elevation is also in South Africa (right now I imagine the lowest I have been is 20-40 feet below sea level, probably in the Netherlands).

More on that later.

3 comments to Tea, Sweaters, and Bed

  • Hi there, sorry your not feeling so good.

    I’ve been pimped here by the Queer Chef!

  • Yup that is a good remedy for a sore throat. Anyway, hope you get well soon dear!

  • hey pumpkin! i’m so sorry you’re feeling like a pile of crap 🙁 i hope you start feeling better. rest, lots of fluids, and bad television will make you feel better.

    As for your throat–my ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doc thinks using a very dilute solution of water and peroxide is a good thing to gargle with. just make sure it’s pretty dilute, like 2water:1h2o2. i gargle with both (alternating every few hours) when i have strep.

    yay for trips!!