November 2006


Gay Berlin Notes

Berlin's Gay MemorialThis blog entry is more for myself, although I suppose anybody who is gay and visiting Berlin might find it useful in planning their trip.

Event Calendars can be found at Siegessäule (“queer in Berlin.”) and sergej.de – print magazine versions can be found at queer venues in Berlin. Be careful: if you are in Berlin toward the end of one month, the next month’s issue might already be on display and you won’t be able to find out what is going on this month.

SO 36: My current favorite gay club in the world: last Saturday of the month is Gayhane – House of Halay / HomOriental Dancefloor; I have been to this twice. What I adore about this event is that so little of the music is music that I recognize. In the four or five hours I was there last weekend, I can only remember two English songs, one from Madonna, and that nasty “whatcha going to do with all that junk” song by Black Eyed Peas (God I wish that song would just go away). The boys are not really to my taste, at least last weekend, but there was eye candy that I enjoyed. My best decision regarding the trip was staying a short 10 minute walk away from the club.

Also I’ve been to Tom’s (Cruise Bar, Darkroom), near Nollendorfplatz. I want to go to Ficken 3000 (NSFW) just because of its name (Hermannplatz).

Legitimate Bookshop (e.g. not an erotic/adult bookstore): Prinz-Eisenherz. Has a small, reasonable, selection of English language GLBT books. Near KaDeWe / Wittenbergplatz. (Just down the street from the American Apparel store in Berlin.)

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