December 2006


Where am I?

Although the weather outside is frightful, the snow is falling straight down, as opposed to blowing down, which means that when the snow has been shoveled, it doesn’t immediately blow right back to where it had come from. Accordingly, it is fairly easy to get around today.

I’m at the Diedrich Coffeeshop near my […]

More Snow…

As MT has already noted, Denver is getting socked with another blizzard: anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of snow are expected in the next day or so. This snow is falling on top of the snow that is already there: in the case of my folk’s house, I would estimate that we currently have […]

Shopping Mode

Ah, nothing like the days after the holidays.

Yesterday my sister and I headed out to go shopping–first hitting a new Macy’s store on the grounds of the old Stapleton International Airport–there I picked up a pair of Levi’s for $17.99, that came with a card for $10 off my next clothing purchase at Macy’s.


Photo Friday: Weather

The weather in Denver emptied the supermarket.

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Cabin Fever, Happy Holidays

Sorry about the long absence: Dial-up is too slow to upload pictures and the weather discouraged me from walking over to Perk Hill—Christmas Eve morning a storm blew in, rattling the trees and making it uncomfortable to walk. Later in the day, just before the house descended into chaos, it snowed again.

Today I made […]

Perk Hill

Today I took a short walk to a nearby coffee shop, Perk Hill.

The name of the coffee shop is a play on the neighborhood name, Park Hill. As coffee shops go, it is small and friendly–no overstuffed couches, no easy chairs–just tables with chairs. In other words, functional. The decaf coffee I had was […]

It’s a White Christmas

The snow in Denver has been substantial–close to two feet where I live, exacerbated by two facts: First there was a lot of wind, so wherever the snow was cleared, it was coated fairly quickly with a layer of snow from a neighboring snowbank. Second: It is wet snow, straight from the Gulf of Mexico.


Busted Plans

Today I was supposed to visit a sister in a city north of Denver, spending a few days with her.

However, my plans have been snowed under: a foot or more of heavy wet snow has covered Denver, making travel a challenge. Instead of driving myself, I opted to take the bus downtown, where I […]

I was walkin in Memphis

I am in Memphis–my flight to Denver departs in just over an hour, and I’ve had my fill of Interstate BBQ, and watched part of the Maury show–enough to make me want to shoot myself. How on earth can that gawdawful crap stay on the air?


On the other hand, the rest of my […]

Ready, Set…

I’m ready to go. Really. Today I woke up obscenely early, putzed around, did a load of laundry, packed my suitcase, started another load of laundy, popped down to the Weihnachtsmarkt for a present (I decided I would only buy it if I had space in the suitcase, and I did!), had lunch, came home, […]