December 2006


Ooops, I did it, …

For Real: I’ve never really discussed it on my blog, but this past week it finally happened for real: I messed up my mobile phone number when telling it to somebody. The sad pathetic story is that my mobile phone number in Germany is surprisingly similar to a phone number I call regularly in the United Kingdom. I’ve noticed this and have actually tried to dial my mobile number after dialing the UK prefix at least twice: but never have I told somebody the wrong number completely. Ooops. This is why the Stranger on the Train couldn’t connect with me on Friday. I was going to loan her some things, but when she couldn’t reach me, the misconnect happened. BadAdam.

I got Annoyed: I started reading “Gay Men Rule” recently—well, read is a loose term. I subscribed to the blog in Google Reader because Scotty, Gay Dad, is a contributor and I thought the site had potential. Instead it is filled with a lot of self righteous types all of whom want to Make A Point, if you know what I mean. Friday this meant that three separate blog-authors each posted an entry about World AIDS Day (World Aids Day, World AIDS Day!!, and In Memoriam, respectively), and it was a significant part of a fourth entry. Really, Four Times On One Blog Is Not Enough.

What really sent me over the top was the sanctimonious “ANOTHER GAY ERROR OR NOT?,” in which the author dissects “Another Gay Movie” (imdb). Now, as it happens, I recently watched the film, and it was absolutely, positively, funny. The film was one gigantic parody of current film, television, and politics. I know that I did not understand all of the jokes in the film—I’m not as acutely aware of everything in the gay community because I don’t live in a gay community and because I live in Germany.

As it happens, the author’s boyfriend didn’t want to see it because, “he was sick of seeing the continuing depiction of a Gay America that did not include people of color or fully realized women roles.” It’s this kind of attitude that disturbs me: face it, not everything is going to be fully expressive of all types of diversity. I think the boyfriend’s ideal film would have a cast of several thousand people each of whom fulfills one narrow stereotype. The film should be taken for what it is: a trite amusing comedy that is a send-up of a zillion different films, politicians, and stereotypes.

Random (Related) Aside: I have to admit that I am puzzled. I was on the Gay Romeo website looking at profiles of people in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Out of the 20 profiles I looked at, only one person was not white.

I Participated: Over at Germany Doesn’t Suck, J is promoting “Christmas Market Monday.” It’s a photo assignment: this weekend participating bloggers took photos of local Christmas Markets. Yesterday (while standing the woman up) I took photos of Jena, and today I took photos here in Weimar. I haven’t process my photos yet, but I already know the theme of my post. It will be different.

I am Amazed: Modern parents are letting their children’s fluid gender behavior go: little boys who want to wear dresses are now allowed to wear dresses. The predisposition to be the opposite gender is often obvious and is now supported by the parents.

12 comments to Ooops, I did it, …

  • J

    Glad you’ll be participating tomorrow. Can’t wait to see your ‘different’ theme.

  • How ironic to come upon such a censorious post from you when that’s exactly what you accuse our blog of. Maybe if you took some time to read the mission of the blog, you’d change your mind. Probably not though, as you sound like a jaded old queen. One thing you don’t see us do is picking apart the writings of other bloggers. But if we ever do, I can assure you – that you will be on the top of the list. World AIDS DAY is a big Deal. Get over it!!!

  • J- I am too cynical for Christmas Markets!

    Joshua: Ok, I am cynical, I’ll admit that, but you apparently don’t understand my complaint. It is critical, I’ll agree, and yes World AIDS Day is important: but four posts in a row about the subject is overkill.

    By the way, I read the “mission” of your blog. Here it is, as far as I can tell:

    A multi-authored blog ruled by gay men; with comments appreciated – regardless of gender, age, background, politics, ethnicity, spirituality, or orientation (Some content suitable for adults, only).

    I’m not sure how reading this mission is supposed to change my opinion.

    You guys take yourself way too seriously and are trying too hard to change the world.

  • Anonymous

    That is not the mission of the blog, and when you have 70+ contributors, one can’t control how many people write about the same topic!!!!! It’s just beyond etiquette for another blogger to criticize another blog. If you are such great friends with scotty as you seem to imply in your story, I’m sure he would not approve of this entry of yours. Lastly, I am a 51 year old man, and I don’t appreciate your tone of condescension – someone needs to knock your arrogant ass down to where it belongs!!!!

  • Anonymous

    and I think it’s better to have a desire to change the world than to be some jealous xpatriate in germany who is not apart of any gay community – showing large elements of arrogance

  • Joshua

    and I think it’s better to have a desire to change the world than to be some jealous expatriate in germany who is not apart of any gay community – showing large elements of arrogance. Lastly, what positive thing are you offering the blogworld?????

  • Joshua

    One more thing, so you have a problem with 4 entries about world aids day – but to go out of your way and write a blog entry about it? That’s just wrong, that’s not what blogging is about, buddy! We have over 70 contributors and it is impossible to determine what someone is going to write about. And eventually one may see a common theme on one day – so what????? You are such a jealous and petty person – and yet you don’t even see it? Quick to find to negative, without thinking of a reason as to why something may be happening. Taking oneself too seriously rests more on your shoulders. To think that your opinion is so important to write a blog entry criticizing another blogger. Give it a rest already, this 51 year old can see right through your transparency!

  • Joshua, Congratulations on reaching 51. You behave like you’re 15.

    Feel free to attack me — I’ll be happy to let your comments appear on my blog, and I will try to rescue all the attacks that have accidently gotten trapped inside the spam filter because you (and sometimes I) forget to type the key word in the box.

  • joshua

    I can see no reason for you posting this story other than to upset people like me. That’s the only reason – especially when I read your responses to the things I say. Have fun with it, and your miserable life. We will continue to try to make a difference in this world, and maybe we can compare notes sometime. The cynical approach or the helping approach. Which one actually makes a difference. And as far as my behavior and think my ill health justifies my reactions to assinine post 🙂

  • Joshua,

    Speaking of Censorship, thanks for deleting my comment. I won’t be stooping to your level.

  • joshua

    There are 70 people on that blog and I can assure you it was not I who deleted your comments. Anyone of those 70 could’ve done it. I think they prefer less controversy and while I would’ve loved to deleted your comments, I didn’t. So I guess now you owe me an apology, eh?

  • Joshua

    I did not delete your entry. I’m retyping this as I already typed it once, but your blog won’t accept even when I use the code. There are 70 people on that blog and one of them did it. I don’t know who, but it wasn’t I.