December 2006


Christmas Market Monday

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In accordance with J’s suggestion, I headed out to the local Weihnachtsmarkt and took photos this weekend. I actually hit up two of the markets, starting with the one in Jena on Friday evening followed with a trip through Weimar’s on Saturday.

My biggest problem with the Weihnachtsmärkte is that there is little difference between a Weihnachtsmarkt and any other festival that a community might have during the year. Really the only substantial difference is that it is cold out and that they serve Glühwein and sell bratwurst for 1,60€ instead of 1,50€.

Jenaer Weihnachtsmarkt Stage

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Over in Jena I wandered around the market enjoying accordion music performed by local kids, whilst eyeing one of the traditional (ok, this is a Weihnachtsmarkt item only) hot nut stands.

Hot Nuts

Once I had bought my Secret Santa present, I made my way into the traditional Jena Weihnachtsmarkt midway, full of traditional Christmas rides like bumper-cars and merry-go-rounds. Pretty much, you stick Santa on it, and its officially a Christmas ride.

Goin' Round

Which of course is not to be taken sitting down.

Goin' Round

Which brings me to the Weimar Weihnachtsmarkt on Saturday.

Weimarer Weihnacht Welcome

I found a stand where the traditional Christmas vegetable slicer was being promoted.

Traditional Christmas Vegetable Shredder

Plus if you put garland on a fruit stand, voila! It is a Weihnachtsmarkt stall!

Christmas Fruit Stand

I was not the sole photographer on the street.

Schillerstraße Fotos!

Some were more annoying than others: Santa desperately wanted you to pose with him, and if you were foolish enough to do so, you were immediately directed to the booth behind him, where you could buy your photo, once it was developed. (Film, I tell you!)

Annoying Santa

Of course, I thought about buying “American Donut’s”—a taste of home so far away.


But ultimately, it was the Ferris Wheel that stopped me. I was too surprised by what I saw to think about Donuts.

Christmas Ferris Wheel

Poor Santa.

Headless Santa

Update: See the listing of other Christmas Market Monday Postings Here!

2 comments to Christmas Market Monday

  • Ed

    The pictures look very interesting. I’m sure the music was folksy. I’m intrigued by the place where you can get your nuts heated. On a cold day that might be enjoyable up to a point. Oh those Germans.

  • J

    I also noticed that they were the same stands used at other market events with a few decorations on them. Not very imaginative.