December 2006


Random Deutsch Things

I forgot to explicitly say it, but last weekend, the men in Apolda were really cute—that is to say they had my number: lots of funky hair that attracts me. Why these men do not seem to show up in Weimar is beyond me.

Christmas shopping sucks: Disenchanted has complained about it before, so it might seem redundant for me to complain, but this morning I had to go out and do shopping for somebody else. It was my third, and last, trip to the flower store in two days (I had way too many things to purchase to make it in one trip). On the upside, I also get to play Santa—and sometimes it is fun delivering presents or leaving them for people.

Thursday morning as I got off the train, it was apparent that a cute guy was interested in me. Unfortunately I had to go to the office and I couldn’t follow him downtown, so I lost him. I’d noticed him before, and I am hoping that I see him on the train again. Unfortunately this was the extremely delayed train that had more passengers than usual, as people hoping to catch a later train to Jena caught the earlier (yet really late) train. I have been hoping to see him on my way home, but haven’t. He wasn’t on the train on Friday morning. Monday is my last chance to spot him until January.

Speaking of which, while I adore travel and all the related stuff, there is one thing I do dislike: eating down the fridge for long trips. I try to make sure that everything that can go bad is gone by the time I leave on these trips—right now that means I have five eggs in the fridge and pitcher of ice tea. That should make for a really good breakfast tomorrow.

My hotel Monday night in Frankfurt is coming in at 34€–the least amount I have paid for a hotel in the western world in a very, very, long time. However, if I compare this to the prices I paid in rural Armenia, I would be able to afford at least two nights, maybe as many as 3 or 4, depending upon the location. That said, I am a bit worried about where I am staying—at least it is for only one night.

Meanwhile, today I hung out with C, the stranger from the train, over in Erfurt, looking at the Erfut Weihnachtsmarkt—which is a whole hell of a lot busier and crowded than the ones in Jena, Weimar, or Apolda. I mention this, not because anything was remarkable about the markt, but because she wrote a blog entry about Germans and sex—specifically teen sex. She was at the bookshop in the Erfurt train station recently and spied Bravo—a magazine whose publishers would be arrested for child porn in the USA (seriously—17 year old men and women in the magazine—and when we looked in one today, both were completely shaved). After you read her observations, be sure you read the Spiegel Online article, and look at the censored photos. I think the censored photos are more obscene than the uncensored photos.

Time to start packing.

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