December 2006


I was walkin in Memphis

I am in Memphis–my flight to Denver departs in just over an hour, and I’ve had my fill of Interstate BBQ, and watched part of the Maury show–enough to make me want to shoot myself. How on earth can that gawdawful crap stay on the air?


On the other hand, the rest of my day has been uneventful. The flight from Frankfurt closed its doors 25 minutes early and arrived just over an hour early–which was quite fantastic news as far as I was concerned.

PS: Frankfurt really sucks. I have yet to find anything remotely charming about the city, unlike Berlin which I am actually starting to like!

2 comments to I was walkin in Memphis

  • Well at least I know that I shouldnt go to Frankfurt hehehe

  • I have a bit of time today so I looked up some stats for you – I’d guess it stays on the air because of the time of day and the fact that you are one of the 0.9% of US Adults with a Masters Degree that watched the show in the past week. Also, since you have a penis you’re skewing the results since the audience of the show is 70% women.

    You’ll be happy to know that the median household income of a weekly Maury watcher is $31,000 per year and that falls to $26,000 when they watch 4+ times per week. For reference the US Median is about $52,000.

    So your answer is it is being watched by the barefoot trailer/apartment crowd.

    Remember this is how the Republicans keep the masses in line. God and Maury.