December 2006


Busted Plans

Today I was supposed to visit a sister in a city north of Denver, spending a few days with her.

However, my plans have been snowed under: a foot or more of heavy wet snow has covered Denver, making travel a challenge. Instead of driving myself, I opted to take the bus downtown, where I did some personal Christmas shopping, wandered around, took a couple photographs, had lunch (at the Chophouse with a very cute, gay maitre d’; my waiter was also quite attractive). After all of that I trekked home, happy that the bus I caught showed up when I did and not before.

I just finished shoveling part of the sidewalks at my folks place–with the foot of snow and heavy winds, this was a challenge. Unfortunately the wind keeps blowing and the snow keeps falling. I imagine that part of the sidewalks will need to be cleaned tonight, if we are to have any hope of getting them cleared tomorrow.

4 comments to Busted Plans

  • Chris

    Welcome to Denver-

    Whats the German word for Blizzard?

    Happy Holidays.

  • MT

    Keep the stinking snow out there. 😉 We had enough snow on Tuesday to make Lake Placid pretty, but then it was like 12 degrees and the lock on our car door had some issues. Blah!

  • I’m glad you made it all safe and stuff to your destination.

    i’m still mad at you and MT…i want snow!! le siiiiigh!

    throw a snowball for me adam…mt did 😀


    ps dang i forgot to type your safey word!!! arg. i suck

  • B.

    I’m actually depressed I’m missing the blizzard in Colorado Springs… last year at christmas we didn’t have a drop of snow in the springs, then we moved to Dresden and just missed the worst of the snow here.

    I love a good snow storm!