December 2006


It’s a White Christmas

The snow in Denver has been substantial–close to two feet where I live, exacerbated by two facts: First there was a lot of wind, so wherever the snow was cleared, it was coated fairly quickly with a layer of snow from a neighboring snowbank. Second: It is wet snow, straight from the Gulf of Mexico.

The sun came out this afternoon, and I made my last attack on the front walk–it is now possible to walk on the sidewalk for about five houses in a row, after that (or before that) one might as well walk in the street.

I have some photos of the snow, but because I am stuck at my folk’s house with dial-up access, uploading the pictures is out of the question.

3 comments to It’s a White Christmas

  • Wow, your parents have dial-up? I know what my folks excuse is but not sure what yours would be seeing as they live in a nice neighborhood in a larger city. I’m guessing frugality.

    Of course, if I remember correctly this is the home that has the TV in the basement and rabbit ears for tv reception, right? 🙂

    Your storm is here now, but it’s just rain. Enjoy your snow!

  • omg i could never use dial-up…luckily i made my mum have high speed when i was in college and she still has it since it was the same price as aol and now she is all trying to be hip on the internets…it’s very cute seeing my old fart mum trying to type an email 🙂

  • Lucky you! Germans are still complaining for the absence of snow this year