December 2006


Perk Hill

Today I took a short walk to a nearby coffee shop, Perk Hill.

The name of the coffee shop is a play on the neighborhood name, Park Hill. As coffee shops go, it is small and friendly–no overstuffed couches, no easy chairs–just tables with chairs. In other words, functional. The decaf coffee I had was good, and the cake was excellent. I sat at the front window reading a manuscript and enjoying my time.

Whilst there, I started to wonder if any of the people there were (a) my age: and (b) if so, some of my hated former classmates from Park Hill Elementary School or Smiley Middle School. Really, I did not like my classmates: they all picked on me and bullied me and were, in general, assholes.

Of course this was all a long time ago, so with hope they’ve changed and come to embrace diversity, hate bullies, and become decent individuals. One would hope by the time one is old enough to be a US Congressman, that one would be mature and wise. (Of course, we have ample evidence this week that Muslims are hated in Virginia because they are illegal immigrants.)

Most of the customers there had laptops in hand and were using the shop’s free WiFi. I will probably wander down there tomorrow with my laptop and start uploading a few pictures and digesting the larger emails that one just cannot deal with on dialup (and no, its not really a financial issue, its an understanding the technology issue).

Of the two dozen people (and dozen dogs) that visited the shop this morning, I recognized none–although one man who appeared to be my age had very nice blue eyes–and what I presume was a wife/girlfriend with him.

And might I add I have become used to two things living in Germany that affect me now. First, I like the qwertz keyboard a lot more than the qwerty (an issue whilst using my father’s desktop computer); and secondly, I no longer ask for the “restroom.” I now ask for the toilet.

4 comments to Perk Hill

  • Gee, first you run the Vernon Robinson commercial on your blog then you run an article about my FORMER congressman. Virgil Goode was my congressman when I lived in Danville, VA.

    Now can you see why I DESPERATELY want to get out of here? Amusing that your living out of the country that when you comment about political nutjobs they all seem to be ones involved in my life somehow. *shrugs*

  • It sounds like you had a nice time at the coffee shop. I’ve never been to Denver, but if I travel there in the future I’ll be sure to look for Perk Hill.

    Merry Christmas,


  • Merry Merry Christmas to you dear Adam and to your family as well!

  • mateo

    Feliz Navidad, mi amigo Adam!!! Hope all is merry and bright, and a safe journey this holiday season!