December 2006


Shopping Mode

Ah, nothing like the days after the holidays.

Yesterday my sister and I headed out to go shopping–first hitting a new Macy’s store on the grounds of the old Stapleton International Airport–there I picked up a pair of Levi’s for $17.99, that came with a card for $10 off my next clothing purchase at Macy’s.

From there we headed across the parking lot to a SuperTarget where I picked up some brown sugar, white low cut socks, a pair of sweat pants, and a copy of Rent on DVD. From there we headed to a thrift shop, where my sister spent ten minutes looking for one item. In the same ten minutes I managed to find three new shirts that I really like.

After lunch at one of Denver’s best Mexican restaurants (the windows are dirty: my mother has observed that if you see clean windows at a Mexican restaurant, then they’re spending too much time on cleaning and not enough time cooking), we headed to a Mexican supermarket: the kind of place where they have jalapeños stacked on display the way most supermarkets might have apples. There I picked up some items that will be sure to terrorize my German friends.

Today I took the trip I mentioned in an earlier blog post–however I will write about the trip later. I did, however, stop by another Macy’s and picked up a pair of Kenneth Cole pants for the princely sum of $13.50.

Bargains galore!

All in all the shopping’s been good on this trip–perhaps too good. Although I am not flying until Monday, I have started to pack my suitcase, trying to make sure that everything will fit. One thing that will probably not fit is my new pair of warm fuzzy slippers–I think they will be taking up residence in Denver, awaiting my next cold weather trip.

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