December 2006


Where am I?

Diedrich Coffee

Although the weather outside is frightful, the snow is falling straight down, as opposed to blowing down, which means that when the snow has been shoveled, it doesn’t immediately blow right back to where it had come from. Accordingly, it is fairly easy to get around today.

I’m at the Diedrich Coffeeshop near my brother’s house: we’re meeting and going to hang out a bit. I arrived before him and have uploaded a few photos from my trip here. The last photo I took is the one above: the coffeeshop where I have hunkered down withe a pumpkin crème latte–made with soy milk. Yum.

I’m not sure if I am going to be able to leave when planned. I am hoping that NWA issues a weather waver that includes Monday as I think it will be quite difficult to get out to the airport–the side streets are killers.

3 comments to Where am I?

  • I hope you have tickets to Frankfurt, Germany and not Frankfort, Kentucky.

    I just read about a young German man that thought he had tickets to Sydney, Australia and didn’t realize he had tickets to Sidney, Montana until he had flown all the way to Billings. When he saw he was getting on a crop duster for the flight to Sidney (ok, dramatic) he realized he wasn’t going to Australia.

  • le sad…i wish we had some snow 🙁

  • MT

    Well??? Were you stuck at home all night? Is snow evil? Here we are waltzing around in shorts because it was close to 60 degrees today. Al Gore Was Right! Global warming does exist. (okay, sorry, this may be really incoherent because I am drunk blogging/commenting. Anyways, have a good trip home!)