January 2007


In Brussels

It’s funny—my trip to Brussels today has reminded me of my first trip to Brussels.

On my first trip to Brussels, I flew in from Newark and made my way to the train station in the basement, where I bought a ticket to Rotterdam Centraal. I was charged some astronomical number that caused me to […]

Ready, Set, …

Wow! Today I got a haircut, ran the dishwasher, did laundry, packed my suitcase, and cleaned the flat.

I’m exhausted.

I don’t know how much net access I will have while in Brussels, so if you don’t see a new posting, don’t be surprised. I’ll be online Sunday evening after my return.

This Week


Slept In Baked a pancake Baked bread Watched 21 Jump Street Started planning a trip to Brussels


Finished project Worked Planned trip to Brussels


Work Home Early Laundry Pack



It’s a surprise to me too.

The only problem I personally have right now is that I need a hair cut […]

Sale Saturday

Yesterday in statuephilia I used a photo showing that a huge sale was going on at the store—for yes, it is sale season in Germany!

And there are some darned good sales going on—too bad I’m broke. At least when I am out shopping I don’t really feel too bad about not being able to […]

I do not have a statuephilia fetish.


I know that I am a freak and all that, but I only find dressed up mannequins to be amusing, not objects that I want to bring home and do the nasty with.

Unlike Mr. Ronald Dotson of Detroit.

I swear that it is complete coincidence that I took the attached photo yesterday and […]

For Mateo and Jerry

Inside Café Laden, Weimar-and a “blog review.”


I woke up this morning—bright and early at 2. The only reason this is remarkable is that I was clearly thinking about talking in Germany. For some reason I wanted to say that I had a toothache and had come up with “ich habe eine toothache.” I my first moments of consciousness I changed that […]

Weimar, Today

Who does God hate?

Note: YouTube took down the video. You can still see it at the “artist’s” website. Or, if you are in for additional humor, see Jesus’ General’s take.

Via The Stranger Slog

The NSFW Entry

This entry coves gay porn. Although the written content of the post is not really pornographic in and of itself (by my standards), the post does link to porn and writings that some may consider offensive.

On the other hand, I think most of it is pretty mild.