January 2007



Happy EndToday is, absolutely, one of those days where at 3 in the afternoon, I was pooped.

Well, not literally—I did not sit down at 3 o’clock and use the premium quality 5 layer Happy End toilet paper I picked up from Penny Markt today.

Admittedly this purchase has been on my mind for a long time. I first read about “Happy End” in an old Lonely Planet for Germany. I’d asked my German friends about it, and all of them swore that Happy End Toilet Paper did not exist, that the authors of the book had simply made it up. Consequently I gave up on the project until Dave posted a photo of it back in November and told me where to find it. Since then I have been meaning to stop by and pick some up—today was finally the day.

I did a lot this morning, kind of a nesting before the storm thing—or maybe that’s nesting between the storms—as we are due to get snow later this upcoming week and the temperature is dropping to uncomfortably cold regions. (Randomly, my parents report that December’s snow has not yet melted and is firmly attached to the street in front of their house in Denver.)

Today’s agenda included returning a large number of empty bottles, buying a few cases of water, and hitting the supermarket for a large supply of food. About the only item I forgot to buy was tortilla chips—a situation I will remedy Monday or Tuesday. Otherwise, I am in a fine position: I could go without shopping for at least two or three weeks, although I suppose by the end of that time I would be eating some of my less favorite items.

This afternoon I’ve already done three loads of laundry (the third is drying as I write). Meanwhile the drain cleaner is working its magic on the main shower—it’s been draining more slowly that it ought to be, so I emptied the dryer’s wet lint filter in the shower, picked up the lint, then let what I couldn’t get go down the drain chased by the bleach smelling cleaner.

Since doing laundry is a rather passive thing, I believe that I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon watching 21 Jump Street.

Tomorrow’s agenda: a big pot of chili con carne – made from scratch.

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