January 2007


Who does God hate?

Note: YouTube took down the video. You can still see it at the “artist’s” website. Or, if you are in for additional humor, see Jesus’ General’s take.

Via The Stranger Slog

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  • Ed

    I was raised in a strict fundamentalist church. They are trained to believe every word in the Old Testament but to overlook the Mosiac laws that are no longer relevant. Under the law of Moses any person who even touches a pig is to be stoned to death. No lobster and everyone must sacrifice animals on an altar. It also mentions men must not have sex with other men. Oh let’s jump on that law we like that one. Moses also allowed for a letter of divorcement. In the New Teatament where Jesus made all things new and the old ways and laws were abolished, Jesus said Moses indeed allowed letters of Divorcement. So we see here that it was Moses making these laws according to his own beliefs and not God. There is no mention of gay sex in the Ten Commandments that were from God. Hate. God is not capable of that emotion. Paul stated his opinions in the New Testament but Jesus said nothing directly about gays. He did say in the Rapture when I return as a thief in the night to bring all those who love me to heaven that two men will be sleeping in a bed and one taken and the other left. If it was a sin for two men to sleep together then both would have been left behind. John called himself the disciple who christ loved and the beloved disciple. Any hatred found in humans is of their own making. Jesus said come everyone and drink of the water of life freely. everyone means White, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, straight, Gay, bisexual, Transgendered, etc. Only those with hate in their hearts will not be welcome.

  • ann

    hey adam,

    I am sure there is plenty you and I would disagree about, but I am just as offended by this as you are. (I am working from the assumption that it’s legit and not a joke, the conclsuion reached by the later commenters in the site you linked.) Anyone convinced that God hates anyone doing anything He’s not thrilled about has some serious issues and I wish the singer wouldn’t try to pass his issues off as “Christianity”.

  • I cannot get this video to play at home or the office.


    You would love the letter I wrote to my state delegate in Virginia. He sent me a letter welcoming me to his district (when I lived there) and one of his listed accommplishments was anti-gay legislation.


  • Chris, it’s unfortunate that you cannot see the video. If it is serious, it has to be the worst possible effort to tell gays that God hates them. If it is satire, it is exceptionally subtle. Whatever it is, all I could do was laugh whilst watching it.

    Ann: If this is serious, I am offended, but all I could do was laugh while watching it. It seemed a bit too odd to me.

    Ed: It’s amazing to me how the loudest Christians seem to have an awful lot of hate in their heart.

  • Ed

    I think it is for real. I know my parents church would clap and say Amen all through this song.