February 2007


Coins in a…

What a great couple of days!

Certainly it was not great weather-wise yesterday: it was cold and rainy with wind gusts most of the day; making staying home seem like a really wise choice. However late yesterday afternoon I dragged myself out and forced myself to wander down to the Weimar Office where I enjoyed […]

Wir haben Oscar!

Ok, so the Oscars were last night, and I, although I am a faggot, am not a good faggot.

Honestly, I’ve never really cared about the Oscars, in part because I never see that many of them, and in part because films I like will never win the Oscars. Furthermore, after the Oscar Travesty of […]

Rough Week for… Clothing

It’s been a memorable week for my clothing. It started Thursday when I showed up at the office wearing a black undershirt with a crimson-red shirt and a pair of blue jeans. No big deal, except that a few hours later one of my colleagues showed up wearing an identical set of clothing.

That wasn’t […]


After reading Jonathan Swift’s brilliant analysis of the brand new, completely accurate, Conservapedia, I thought I’d poke around a bit.

The unbiased and extremely brief biography of George W. Bush notes:

For many months after John Kerry conceded the outcome of the 2004 election to George W. Bush, some liberals continued to claim that the […]


I watched a movie starring Pastor Haggard with my office colleagues.

Amusing, for all the wrong reasons—and despite the fact that it was my second viewing of the film, I was still nauseous.

The Blame Game

Dear Fellow Thüringers:

Yes, I realize that today’s weather was absolutely, positively fantastic.

The sun was out, one could walk the streets wearing just a t-shirt, and drink coffee outside. It could not have possibly been a better Wednesday in Weimar in February. Not only that, the weather forecast for the next few days is […]

Blast from the past!

This shocking card is in the news!

Tote Hose

I’m the kind of guy who needs a full eight hours of sleep everything. If I don’t get the eight hours, bad things start to happen.

So it was no great surprise that after four hours of sleep Friday night Saturday morning and five hours of sleep Sunday morning, that early this evening, I was […]

It is official!

Leipzig is officially my favorite German city.

Not only is Leipzig blessed with beautiful buildings, a walkable city center, and friendly people, but the G-Garage was a veritable smorgasbord of hot, cute, sexy men.

Yes, it was far better than La Demence in Brussels. Whilst La Demence had the widest variety of men I’d ever […]


Today I am leaving town—escaping the Internet leash, turning off my mobile, and making for Leipzig.

Yes, it’s a weekend away, a trip to the G-Garage, the Blaue Trude, and other sights that will release stored up energy.

It’s not all fun and games – I am escaping in order to finish putting together all […]