February 2007



I’m sad to report that personal travel seems to be a bit murky right now. Although I had high hopes for a trip with friends to South Africa, I have the sneaking suspicion that said trip is not going to happen, at least as originally envisioned.

That leaves me pondering my options—where to go? I could go back to Armenia and explore a bit more of the fabulous nation, or maybe a journey to Morocco, thus getting my toes wet in Africa by going to a northern nation. The Canary Islands are a distinct possibility as well, although I suspect they might be too crowded for my taste.

Of course, all of it is pure speculation right now.

I’m in no rush to make a decision, although I do know that I won’t be going to South Africa in July. That would be just too cold.

5 comments to Reisen

  • Don’t rule out SA yet. I did my taxes and am getting back more than I thought I would.

  • Have you considered a trip to Turkey?

  • CQ: I haven’t ruled it out, my mind has started wandering.

    Jerry: Turkey is on my mental list, but given my strong belief that the Armenian genocide was exactly that and not a by-product of war–a belief I have rather publically stated on my blog–I am not certain what kind of reception I would get in Turkey. I realize I’m not famous, popular, or anything, but a dedicated bureaucrat in the Turkish government could easily find out what I think and deny a visa to visit. It’s probably paranoia, but all of that said, there are other places higher on my “to visit” list.

  • Given your other choices, I would tend to agree that there are (tourist) areas of the Canary Islands that would be too crowded. Whilst I may be a bit biased, having lived on Tenerife for 15 years, there are still areas that are relatively quiet and unspoilt.

  • The Canary Islands appeal to me, but I fear the RyanAir crowd. I am fine with airlines like Iberia and AirEuropa flying where I go on vacation, but I am not so certain about RyanAir…

    Large crowds of people seem to change the inate character of places.