February 2007


Happy VD

So today is VD—a day that I can reduce to either “Singles Awareness Day” or to VD—both of which are just simply sad.

Since I am perpetually single, I never had any plans for today, and, unless somebody suddenly sweeps me off my feet (I’m at home) and drags me off to something sweet, I’ll be at home working tonight, alone.

Generally speaking I am a cynic, so I really appreciated B, from Eurotrippen, sharing the stories of how she and her husband Jim have an annual anti-VD tradition of sorts. I chuckled quite a bit yesterday at the notion of having Mormon Missionaries sicced upon somebody quite amusing. As one of my friends put it, “you have a thing with missionaries.” (Young 19-20 year olds + clean cut = HOT!)

Cupid at WorkHowever, every once in awhile, my cold heart melts a tiny bit, like today when I saw Cupid handing out roses at the Erfurt Hauptbahnhof. He was quite cute and I would have been quite happy to accept a rose from him—but alas, he was a traditional sort, only handing roses to the women.

I also watched a guy go with his girlfriend into a department store, go into the underwear section (I was ahead of them), and select a slinky g-string. It might have been briefly worn, but I am sure is not being worn as I write this.

But now I am back to my bitter cynical self.

That feels better.

5 comments to Happy VD

  • hey Adam,

    Hahaha… I’ve always found the Mormon missionaries here hot as well. Perpetually in gray vests.

    “Cupid” doesn’t dress straight at all. The all white ensemble is a tad queer, no?

    A Happy… errr, Bearable VD to you!

    BTW, The Comment Whore led me this way. 🙂

  • chin up, it’s already feb 15th in some parts of the world.

    Valentine’s Day is when a lot of married men are reminded what a poor shot Cupid really is.
    – Unknown

  • I’ve always worn black on VD day since I was 16.

  • adam, had you been here or if i were there…i would have taken you out for some cake with boy 🙂 we’ll celebrate later 😀 xoxo

  • One of the first guys I ever slept with (well, the first) also wore black on Valentine’s Day as a rule. I usually ignored the day…

    Now all I want is cake 🙂