February 2007


It is official!

Leipzig is officially my favorite German city.

Not only is Leipzig blessed with beautiful buildings, a walkable city center, and friendly people, but the G-Garage was a veritable smorgasbord of hot, cute, sexy men.

Yes, it was far better than La Demence in Brussels. Whilst La Demence had the widest variety of men I’d ever seen in one club, the G-Garage is outstanding for the number of guys who actually seem to fit my narrow fantasy range.

However, I returned to my hotel room alone.

After getting up Friday morning at 6:30 and taking a paltry one hour nap in the early evening, at 3:00 Saturday morning, I am about ready to drop—save for the 15-20 minutes I need to completely unwind and cool down from the dance floor.

My night out was the perfect antidote to my long working day—a day that started in Jena at the office, hit its zenith with a two hour stay at a nice Italian restaurant in the heart of Leipzig, and capped with two hours of minor tasks in my hotel room after my planned three hour nap ended at 60 minutes. All in all, I was exceptionally productive and I believe that I am ahead of where I need to be at this point—but I know that every minute I am ahead means that I have more time later to make sure everything is perfect.

I’m nearly completely unwound, so I best end this entry before I fall asleep.

But let me repeat it: Leipzig is my favorite German city.

I’ll be back.

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