February 2007


Rough Week for… Clothing

It’s been a memorable week for my clothing. It started Thursday when I showed up at the office wearing a black undershirt with a crimson-red shirt and a pair of blue jeans. No big deal, except that a few hours later one of my colleagues showed up wearing an identical set of clothing.

That wasn’t really bad, more amusing to think that I had an identical twin for a day.

On the other hand, I managed to stain my Cornholing T-Shirt, again. It took a ton of Stain Stick and three trips through the washing machine before the stain was gone. This is the second cornholing shirt I’ve owned, and the second time I’ve managed to inflict a nasty stain on this particular shirt.

Friday it was my khakis that suffered dripping grease. I had gone out for a walk. Along the was I stopped by a Döner shop where I picked up a Dürüm to eat. The juices dripped out of the bottom of the Dürüm and right onto my crotch. The khakis were in the washing machine with a generous helping of stain stick within minutes of my return home.

Finally, my comfortable at home shirt suffered splashed chocolate this afternoon—although I didn’t immediately toss it in the laundry.

Hopefully these things only happen in threes and I won’t be rushing home tomorrow to toss something nice in the washing machine.

3 comments to Rough Week for… Clothing

  • I’m glad you saved your cornhole shirt…I’d been so sad. OMG do you still have that ridiculous pasely shirt?

  • disenchanted

    Rough time on clothes here too. Ol’ Howie Dean is now paint splattered and crunchy with plaster.

  • Koko–I do not have that pasely shirt. Seriously. I think you saw me throw it out.

    I need to weed my clothing more agressively…