February 2007


Wir haben Oscar!

Ok, so the Oscars were last night, and I, although I am a faggot, am not a good faggot.

Honestly, I’ve never really cared about the Oscars, in part because I never see that many of them, and in part because films I like will never win the Oscars. Furthermore, after the Oscar Travesty of 1998 when a really bad movie with a predictable ending won something like 11 Oscars for, well… who cares?

Sometime after that Oscar a friend was trying to convince me something about Oscars, and I held up 1998 as a year when a really bad movie won a lot of awards. He said it was the best of that year, and I said that if it was the best, then there ought to be an option for “none of the above.”

I still firmly believe that the Oscars should have a “none of the above” category—either that or they should really be entitled “The Least Worst Films of Last Year.”

Seriously—I did see one of the Oscar nominated films for this year, “Little Miss Sunshine.” Now the film was amusing—I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent sitting in a cinema in Rotterdam watching the film. I laughed at all the appropriate moments and left with a warm feeling, but at no point did I ever really view the film as great literature. It wasn’t great literature, it wasn’t a great film—it was an amusing film that I thought about for a day or two and then forgot.

However, it was nominated for Best Picture – which means that somebody seriously thought it was one of the best pictures from 2006. Since that is the case, it means that American film-making is in a very sad state.

Which brings me to the best foreign film: Das Leben der Anderen, the German film that won the Oscar for best foreign film. It was mentioned quite a bit at the office today—a sort of national pride in having won the award. The last time Germany won a prize like this, one of the national rags headlined the event, “Wir sind Papst” – “We are Pope.” Obviously an event like this in Germany means to this particular newspaper, “We have an Oscar.”

I’ll look at a copy of tomorrow’s Bild to find out if they made the same leap I did.

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  • I am not a good faggot either. In fact, “They” took away my Rainbow Card many years ago.

    I have no decorating or fashion sense. I’m woefully ignorant of divas and actresses.

    Fortunately, my partner James is an artist and designer, so he has enough “faggot talent” for the both of us.

  • J

    I saw LMS on the plane to Thailand and didn’t care for it.

  • Its odd how some stereotypes just don’t ring true–yet I adore Madonna… i am strange.