February 2007


Coins in a…

What a great couple of days!

Certainly it was not great weather-wise yesterday: it was cold and rainy with wind gusts most of the day; making staying home seem like a really wise choice. However late yesterday afternoon I dragged myself out and forced myself to wander down to the Weimar Office where I enjoyed a cup of coffee, part of a book, and picked up my CD of the “sounds of Chicago.”

After awhile Chicago Anki, the musical artist, arrived and we talked for a bit—actually quite a bit. We did not leave until about 8 o’clock—and I was not aware of the passage of time.

There was actually a lot of really cool things about yesterday. I even got addicted to a new TV show—something a friend lent me. I would name the show here, but I don’t want anybody spoiling it for me since it is long since over in the USA. Suffice it to say that two out of the three episodes I’ve watch ended so abruptly that I wanted to watch more immediately. Sadly I only have three episodes and the third episode was one of those that ended abruptly.

Finally, today I took my coins down to the bank and had them counted. I’ve been saving the two most useless coins in the Euro, the one and two cent coins, for several years now, and the cup I stored them in was finally filled to the brim. Interestingly the jar held 544 coins, split nearly 50/50—281 one cent coins and 263 two cent coins, making a grand total of 8,07€ saved in the cup. One of my colleagues had guessed 8,00€, which was pretty darned good—and essentially what I thought was in the jar.

3 comments to Coins in a…

  • well, i hope you enjoyed the “sound of chicago” – it is the musical ‘diary’- collection i may title as, “when weimar is in chicago – as if chicago would be in weimar”.
    and see, i can type in the required word.

  • 8 euros. Doesnt sound bad. Ugh I hate that kind of weather. It is the worst kind that I can think of

  • 8€ over 2 years isn’t bad — It’s a few cups of coffee at the Weimar Office.

    I liked the sound of chicago — except I played it at my office and kept getting interrupted so I missed parts of it as I was dealing with issues.