March 2007


Eurovision ‘07

I realize it is a bit on the early side, but I started getting Eurovision-anxiety when I saw that Israel had picked its song for 2007.

Apparently it’s a ditty about nuclear war—probably not quite the light hearted satire of Tom Lehrer’s “So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III).” I doubt that “Push the button” is going to convince sufficient numbers of people to vote for Israel in this year’s contest. Of course, I haven’t actually heard the song yet, so I could be completely off the mark.

Anyhow, I thought I would scout the months ahead and figure out where I would go to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. It turns out the decision was already made for me.

I won’t reveal too many details in advance, but between March 22 and May 22, I am going to be flying 19 different segments, including my longest flight ever, an eleven hour flight crossing the equator on my way to South Africa—yes, the trip is officially on and I have purchased tickets to go south.

The upshot of all of this is that I am going to be in Rotterdam, working on a book and visiting a publisher, when Eurovision finals roll around on May 12. I predict that I will be spending my evening at the Gay Palace or some other gay venue in the city.

Such excitement!

I did find the Armenian Eurovision entry for the 2007 contest, “Anytime You Need.” Armenia is headed straight to the finals because last year their entry performed remarkably well. After watching the video, I’m willing to predict that this year’s entry will do much more poorly than last year’s entry. I’m even willing to bet that they will miss the top ten and be forced to compete in next year’s preliminaries.

Meanwhile, I await the release of the Eurovision 2007 CD with baited breath…

8 comments to Eurovision ‘07

  • Have a good trip to my country – South Africa.

  • I am excited to see the Eurovision soon. Norway has already picked its rep which I dont really like.

  • When it comes to the Oscars, I lose my gay-card, but when it comes to Eurovision, I am a flaming fag!

    I’m excited to hear all of the songs and make my own picks… i just wish i could start listening today.

  • J

    2 months? I can only seem to finagle 4 weeks off for my Thailand trip at the end of most years. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  • Alas, there might be 19 flight segments, but only three are vacation.

  • Hi, I found your post through technorati and my only comment is that go and listen to the song if you have a chance (like type push the button into youtube search).

  • Robyn

    OhMiGosh after watching what the people of the UK picked as our Eurovision song, anyone can beat us.

    All I’m wonderng is that WHEN we get “nil puois” this year, the people may consider choosing a ROCK BAND like Lordi! If they can win with rock then anyone can! VOTE “DRAGONFORCE” FOR NEXT YEAR!!!

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