March 2007


Random Tidbits

1) I need to thank Sebastian profusely for his comment on T-Com. Telling me how to switch Voicemail into English, as well as the helpful “36” command that will immediately stop 75% of the calls—voicemail calls that told me somebody called but did not leave a message.

2) I have a sleek new fridge—it was delivered yesterday and has much more storage space in both the fridge and the freezer—plus the freezer is on the bottom instead of on top. It’s quite nice and handy so far.

3) My original plans for Friday have been nixed due to illness. Dresden will have to await another day—and planning gets challenging as my heavy travel schedule kicks in gear in only two weeks.

4) I am still talking regularly with the guy I met in Armenia. I was a bit disturbed to learn that he earns 1,300 dram for a six hour shift at an Internet café. That’s 2.80€ or US$3.68. On the plus side, he does get free usage of the net for those six hours. On the other hand, when I can find lactose-free milk, the lattes I adore cost a lot more than that.

5) Randomly, after learning that Swaziland’s life expectancy is 32.6 years with nearly a 40% HIV infection rate, I looked up Armenia. Life expectancy is over 71 years with an infection rate of 0.1%.

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  • B.

    Be glad you didn’t come visit… we’ve been hit by a nasty flu. Jim and both girls are home today with fever, coughing & sneezing. I don’t even want to be around us!