March 2007


einen Schaufensterbummel machen

Yesterday I took a walk around Weimar, stopping at the Weimar Office (grosse Kaffee), the Feinkost Hauffe (tortillas, Mexican Wave rub, chocolate balls), and in whatever shops caught my attention.

Two of the shops caught my attention because they had blue jeans on sale at bargain (for Europe) prices, some even in the 40€ range. There was one pair that I really liked (rust brown coloring) that sorely tempted me. However each time I started to think about buying a pair of blue jeans I remembered that I will soon be in New York City where I ought to be able to find cool regularly priced jeans for half the price of normal blue jeans in Germany.

I also keep thinking about buying more underwear—the pair of Olaf Benz I bought in February is nice, but would be nicer if it were briefs instead of minipants. I stopped in a clothing store that I know is there, but have only visited once or twice before. There I spotted a pair of new underwear for 10€—something I thought about buying but did not—for I kept reminding myself that I am about to be in New York City where clothing is less expensive.

Ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to fashion, it’s better to buy clothing from somewhere you don’t live—that way you look different and look exceptional. American blue jeans are hip in Europe, European blue jeans are hip in America. American T-Shirts are cool in European night clubs (even if the English is misunderstood), whilst European club-wear goes over well in the States, regardless of what the shirt actually says.

In that sense it’s a good thing I am going to New York—when I’m not in meetings, I’m hoping to find a pair of shoes, get a pair of jeans, return a pair of pants I bought at Christmas (two or three trips through the washing machine and they started committing suicide!), buy a new pair of pants, and a few vintage shirts, and maybe some vintage underwear (just kidding on that point). I also hope to buy a bottle of Vanilla Extract (yes, I am checking my suitcase on the return) and some Mexican spices (ones not easily and inexpensively available in Germany). To make sure this all works, I am carefully planning my suitcase to leave as much free space as possible.

All I have to do is keep restraining myself: I really do not need a 49€ pair of jeans from Germany.

US$49 is a far better price—with the benefit of being hipper in Europe.

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  • The Olaf Benz underwear is definitely sexy. And i think that is true between how Europeans like some American fashion and vice versa