March 2007



Well, ok, this really isn’t about “troubles” per say, but rather than have two entries with the word “random” in the title within a week long period, I thought I would entitle this one troubles because some of what I write could be troubling.

Seriously, I got in trouble (of sorts) today.

My comment on an Obscure Store post today has now been debated a bit. The post was about Ikea charging 5 cents for bags in the US was posted, along with some misinformation—namely that shopping bags in Germany cost $1 each – they don’t, they cost more like 20 US cents (and for the pedantic, it’s 0,15€ for a bag at the grocery stores I shop at). I also noted that it is somewhat ironic for a company famous for throw-away furniture to suddenly be concerned about the environment. I’m going to guess that Ikea’s furniture takes up more space in the garbage dumps of the world than all the plastic bags they’ve given away for free. However I have been firmly taken to task in the comments—I guess I am a badAdam.

On the other hand, I am happy to report that CQ and I now have all of our nights covered between Cape Town, Swaziland, and Johannesburg. Our plane tickets from Cape Town to Johannesburg are in hand (well, the virtual hand), and the car rental reservations have been made. All we have to do now is arrive in Cape Town in May. I am so looking forward to this vacation.

However before vacation I have New York, Indiana, Lisbon, and Rotterdam to visit, all for work.

That said, I do have some free time in New York City—so I’m going to have lunch with my Great Aunt, as well as the previously alluded to shopping. Also, by happy accident, a friend from Europe is going to be in the city at the same time, so we’re going to see a show together and (by doubly happy accident) he will join me at one of the meetings I am having as it is relevant to him and his work.

One thing I am worried about for the trip to The City is the weather – Weimar is about to plunge into a week of chilly, sub-freezing at times, weather. Rain and snow is in the forecast and I am going to have to start wearing the heavy winter coat again. The thing is that New York is pretty much enjoying the same weather—which means that I am going to have to suffer and bring my heavy coat with me to the States—precisely what I was hoping to avoid.

I guess you can’t win them all.

Meanwhile, since I am out of touch with current movies in America, are there any that I should try to see whilst in the States?

3 comments to Troubles

  • Maybe you can go see Zodiac? Of course my desire to see it is that it is set in the town I was born in at about the same time I wandered into the world. I have a personal interest.

  • In South Africa we used to have free plastic bags and the country looked like a rubbish dump. Since charges were put in places the country looks a lot better. Have a good flight to Cape Town (my home town).