March 2007


Koko: Don’t Read This!

And CQ—you might want to skip this one as well.

I have had bookmarked for awhile “The Perfect Phallus” blog – a blog dedicated to uncovering perfect phalli. Needless to say, this is a task I can fully appreciate and support.

Now before now I was an irregular reader—popping in whenever I noticed the blog amongst my bookmarks—a decision I kind of regret since it meant I missed “Aussie Underwear Irreverance” for eleven long days. The post is dedicated to AussieBum, an Australian underwear line that I am somewhat familiar with (as are, I suspect, most gay men in the United States and western Europe).

The post included links to news reports about AussieBum’s newest line of underwear that is designed to make every man look like Brent Everett, star of that delightful, yet unseen by me, film “My Over-stuffed Jeans.” There’s also a cute Aussie weatherman setting the world record for most number of underwear put on in a minute (18 pair of AussieBum undies).

There was, also, the film below, of two American guys auditioning to be AussieBum models. The film includes something that would appall Koko and force CQ to dig out the mental floss. I suggest they don’t bother viewing it. For the rest of you, enjoy the 8:23 long video.

10 comments to Koko: Don’t Read This!

  • Gee, what was so distressing about that video? I think they are kind of cute. So what if the one wore the others pair of underwear…

    Putting on the underwear of the guy attached to the cock you suck isn’t that bad. Buying a pair of used underwear with unknown origin is. 🙂

  • IUMike

    Whoa, talk about homoerotic…the blog says they’re str8…who the heck are they kidding? They were having foreplay on cam.

  • Odd, CQ, I would have expected you to be grossed out with the underwear sharing… I am with Mike though, which is why I never suggested the guys were straight, for I’m not sure where the Phallus blog found the information that they’re straight.

  • I’m not as disgusted with it as my past comments may have suggested. Not into it, but not grossed out by it.

  • I think I’m going to take your advice and not watch it. Yucko, sharing panties?

  • CQ- I am relieved.

    Koko- I really have to say, I don’t wear panties. I don’t know any men who wear panties unless they are cross dressers — it’s just a linguistic thing, but I wear underwear. AussieBum makes underwear. Victoria Secrets makes and sells panties.

  • hrm…i thought you WERE a cross dresser. my mistake 😉

    everything to me is panties unless they are boxers. i understand the difference, but to me the only difference between mens panties and womens…is that mens have a maze of cloth on the font that if you concentrate hard enough, you can find your way through to the other side.

  • Koko, Dictionaries disagree.

    But not with me :O

  • if you look in my dictionary…it says next to “koko” always right and if you look next to “wrong” it says adam and everyone else

    perhaps you’re using an outdated dictionary?? ;);)

  • jp

    you guys are hotttttttt!