March 2007


Warning: TMI?

After a late night yesterday, I slept in this morning.

Now, perhaps in the tmi category, I often sleep in the buff, and have been known, on occasion, to forget to bring clothing with me to the bathroom in the morning, dressing after my shower.

Fortunately today I remembered that the maid was coming and I grabbed what I was going to wear before popping into the shower. Good thing because ten seconds before I turned on the water, they let themselves into the flat. I ended up taking a quick shower, checking my email and heading to the Weimar Office.

Down at the office I drank a few drinks, ate a light snack, and got some work done. Two hours later I headed back home, filled to the brim. At home I started dealing with the email that I had avoided before since most of it dealt with issues back in the States (hey, the time lag works to my advantage occasionally).

Later in the early evening, Cathy stopped by and we fed our shared addiction to American television—and I watched the single funniest moment on reality television that I’ve had the pleasure of ever seeing.

Now I’m on the mental packing list: underwear, socks, shirts, pants, and paperwork.

What have I forgotten?

8 comments to Warning: TMI?

  • What did you forget? The link to “single funniest moment on reality television.”

  • Sleep in the buff eh? So do I. Oddly, I’m sure we’ll avoid such while traveling in Africa. LOL

    I don’t think either of us wants to see the cockasaurus rex on the other.

  • I cant sleep naked. I usually wear a shirt and boxers or just plain boxers.

  • I will not be sleeping naked in South Africa or Swaziland. I’m less likely to do it in hotels since I don’t always have a great deal of confidence in them…

    Domoni–Funniest Moment: the most recent episode of The Amazing Race when Oswald threatens to hug Phil.

  • Well you know I behave myself in hotels based on our previous travels in London. LOL

    I would agree that in SA that I likely wouldn’t sleep in the buff for the same reasons you wouldn’t. Then again, if the bugs are gonna get ya, they’re gonna get ya.

  • it’s not a bug issue for me, its a “what if I need to get out of the hotel quickly” issue…

  • What did you forget?!!? OMG!! DUPLO!!

  • What would my Great Aunt want with Duplo?