March 2007



So I will soon be in The City—and when I am not working, I want to take full advantage of everything The City has to offer—including Spamalot on Sunday night.

It was in this mix that I took a few minutes to see if I could figure out if I could rush RENT and get front row tickets for $20 – something I once did with a friend in Bloomington. When we did it we got to the box office at something like 8 or 9am and sat all day to get the inexpensive front-row tickets that really impressed the usher to guided us to our seats.

It turns out that in New York City it operates a wee-bit differently and one only has to show up about two hours before the show in order to participate in a lottery whose winners get to buy the $20 front row tickets—so I planned on trying the lottery at least once.

Along the way, I did some casual research and joined the Voices For RENT website—and, without realizing it, became member 4,000.

Now, I wouldn’t have known this, had Landlord Benny not sent me a note:

Congratulations! You were the 4000th member to join Voices for RENT. As a thank you, you have won 2 FREE RENT tickets. Reply and let me know the dates that you can see RENT. If you can’t make it to NYC, take a look at the national tour schedule and see if there is a stop you can make. Send me the dates ASAP!

So, presuming the landlord can get me tickets on the date I’ve asked for, I probably won’t try rushing RENT in the City.

How lucky can I get? I should play the lottery!

4 comments to RENT

  • J

    What luck! I’ve done the ‘rush’ thing in NYC three times and got tickets twice.

    I saw Rent in Frankfurt (in English) too. Not quite a NYC performance, but still quite good.

  • Lucky boy. Enjoy the show.

  • Jul

    So cool! Rent is one of my favorites. And my greatest music-theater-related regret of all time is that we never saw Spamalot before we moved away from New York. I shouldn’t whine, though – we saw more than our share of the greats while we were there… such as John Stamos in Cabaret – jealous? 🙂

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