April 2007


B2B: Berlin to Bloomington

Everyday SpecialI can’t say that my trip to Bloomington was super exciting—as I write this I am somewhere over Northern Indiana heading toward my final air destination, Indianapolis.

Pretty much the entire trip was uneventful in a good way. My train from Weimar to Berlin was relatively sedate (the passengers, that is). While taking the S-Bahn to my hotel, I noticed two guys—an obvious couple if there was ever an obvious couple. They both had many ear piercings and wearing that not-so-subtle black leather motif. At first I assumed they were just a cute couple enjoying a weekend away until I looked down the train and noticed an even more obvious male couple dressed in even more expressive black leather.

Later I looked at one of Berlin’s gay rags and discovered that this weekend (Easter weekend!) is the Mr. German Leather pageant. It starts today (Thursday), so the couple of couples I saw were early arrivals.

My hotel was in an excellent location, vis-a-vie getting to the airport, and, for that matter, part of the Berlin Gay Scene. After accomplishing my main goal for my time in Berlin (getting a decent dinner, easily achieved), I did a little shopping and then went to bed. Super early. I had originally thought that I would take a disco nap and then go out to one of the bars that I am fond of in the city. However I didn’t really sleep well, so I ended up not going out and just trying to sleep all night—my alarm was schedule to go off at 3:30; I got up much earlier.

For me the trip was essentially uneventful. I was able to cut past several lengthy lines thanks to my elite status (The line already had 50 people in it when I showed up at 4:30. I was first in line.), thus putting me in position to witness an American ex-pat who lives in Saudi Arabia get the surprise of her life: they would not let her take her duty free liquids from the Middle East onto the plane. They weren’t in a sealed bag and they did not fit in a liter sized liquids baggie. She was quite upset. $200 worth of perfume taken from her: she promised to complain, but I suspect that the EU rules are more stringent than the US rules.

My flight to Detroit arrived roughly an hour early, and, naturally, was punished: we had to wait 20 or 30 minutes for our gate. I was through immigration and customs very quickly and ended up getting caught in line at the security checkpoint: the previous flight from Osaka had a few stragglers still trying to get through security. That said, I was quite fortunate, I was able to catch an earlier flight to Indianapolis—a feat I have accomplished previously.

The flight to Indianapolis left without catering: the captain made the executive decision that people in steerage could go without too many choices on a 45 minute flight. This was a decision I whole heartedly approved of—and yes, I was in steerage.

5 comments to B2B: Berlin to Bloomington

  • omg you ARE the everyday special 😀

  • Ed

    On my way to ITCC I pass teh Blomington Airport. Cook has some really big planes taking off and landing there. Could you fly from Detroit to Bloomington non-stop? Or maybe from Indy to B-ton? Still cold here, hope you brought warm duds.

  • Does that everyday special include secret sauce?

  • koko: thanks!

    Ed: The Bloomington airport lacks commercial service to anywhere. Indianapolis is the only reasonable choice for Bloomington.

    CQ: The secret is in the sauce. 🙂

  • Mr. Gay Leather? That sounds intriguing. Anyway I like your picture there and advance happy easter to you dear!