April 2007


Favorite Meals

Whenever I am in Bloomington, I have four meals that I consistently crave.

The first is the French Toast with cinnamon and powdered sugar at Wee Willies on South Walnut. I don’t know how they do it, for its not really that complicated a dish, but Wee Willies makes the absolute best on the planet, and I crave it in the mornings.

I also crave the House Gourmet Pizza at Greek’s Pizza. The pizza has the best crust of any pizza I’ve ever had in the United States. It’s light and flavorful—and that’s before the toppings. The House Gourmet pizza has feta cheese and gyro meat on it – and it’s worth the trip. It was the first pizza I ever had at Greek’s, and it is the pizza that keeps me coming back.

The next is at Soma—the coffee shop, but it’s not coffee. I crave their Blue Suede Shoes and Zucchini Bread. The Blue Suede Shoes is an all fruit smoothie. Pure fruit: Blueberries, a bit of melon, a bit of banana, blended together with apple juice. It’s dynamite and something that I have ordered more times than I can count. Accompanied by Zucchini Bread, it’s a perfect snack in the afternoon.

Upstairs from Soma is the Laughing Planet, home of my next favorite Bloomington meal: a spinach and black bean California-style burrito. Wrapped in aluminum foil, the burrito is a tasty and filling lunch or dinner.

However, not all places in Bloomington are created equal, paying attention to detail. I stopped by the Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse for lunch today—while waiting for my sandwich to be made, I noticed they had at least three packages of their bagel chips that were at least a week past their “consume by” date on display. I thought about asking for my money back, but instead I pointed out the problem and am thinking about not returning.

6 comments to Favorite Meals

  • Now I too will miss these things you also miss 🙁 I love greeks and LP…never had WW though.

  • Hi Adam! I was able to finally track down your blog via Koko’s. I’ve been in Bloomington 5 years now and still haven’t tried Wee Willie’s, but you’ve convinced me I must. I’ll take Jen this weekend. Loved seeing you, can’t wait until June!

  • Ed

    Soma and Laughing Planet have just recently changed ownership. I hope they don’t change anything else.
    I like Wee Willies too. (it’s a restaurant guys)LOL.

  • @Koko: Wee Willies is the kind of place where the waitress will sass you once she knows you 🙂 i love it!

    @Vinnie: glad you found me. Wee Willies is awesome!

    @Ed: anybody who changes soma or LP’s formula would be very foolish!

    I forgot my fifth favorite meal in Bloomington: Irish Lion–Mutton Pie of Abbenfeld with a side of soda bread. Very bready, but very good.

  • I still like the wood oven pizza at the malibu grill, but perhaps I can try Greek’s during my visit. 🙂

  • IUMike

    I still remember Laughing Planet’s burritos and have yet to find anything that compares in quality.

    I went to the Bakehouse only once in my 7 years in b’ton…so mediocre I never saw any reason to go back.