April 2007


Gay Weimar: Cruising Spots

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spartacusguide.jpgI make no secret of an important fact: I am gay.

Of course, I live in Weimar which means my gay social life isn’t. Gay life in Weimar is about as exciting as watching grass grow, and I’ve pretty much given up on any prospects of meeting Mr. Right, much less even Mr. Right Now.

Since there is no gay life in Weimar, I’ve come to appreciate gay life in other cities, often found with my handy-dandy Spartacus guide. Two years ago I bought the 2005-6 guide and didn’t find much of interest listed for Weimar. In fact, quite frankly, Weimar wasn’t even listed.

Therefore I was quite surprised to find on page 446 of the 2007 Guide an entry for Weimar. Under “Danceclubs” is the Felix-Party at JC Nordlicht – a club whose website is, at least for me, nonfunctional. Similar, in many respects, to the reviews I got of the club when I first arrived in town—reviews that never really encouraged me to actually visit.

However, there was another category for Weimar: “Cruising.” This category floored me. There are legitimate cruisy spots in Weimar?

I will be the first to admit that I am often oblivious—I can rarely tell if people are actually interested in me even if the signs are obvious to others—and when it comes to cruising in public, I am helpless unless it’s clearly indicated on a map—say like in Vancouver.

That said, I’ve lived in Weimar now for close to three years and I would expect that if there was a cruisy part of town that I would have probably noticed it by now—however the listings surprised me: Park an der Ilm (between Burgplatz and Platz der Demokratie) and the Wittumspalais.

With respect to the part of the Park an der Ilm listed: it doesn’t seem likely to me. I’ll admit that the Platz der Demokratie is near the music school and its numerous practice rooms, but none of the outdoor spaces between these two spots seem like they would offer protection from being seen. The park area itself is unlikely: there are few bushes in this area, so one really couldn’t hide in the bushes—unless I am lacking the creativity to see it. At the other end of the short stretch described, Burgplatz, one is in the shadow of the Rez Café and the ACC – which means that there is a fair amount of foot traffic that cannot be predicted, never mind the number of windows that look out onto the area.

Additionally, I find the Wittumspalais listing highly suspect. It’s right next to Theatreplatz in the middle of town. There’s a lot of foot traffic in this area, at all hours of the day. I realize that a lot of guys are into public sex, but I think they wouldn’t want to do it in such a visible spot – unless it’s around one of the sides—there’s a small passage way to the south that smelled vaguely of piss the last time I walked through it, plus to the north there is a large kids playground that does get dark at night. If there’s any cruising going on here, it’s not when I am awake or around. Perhaps I should do some more exploring in the late evenings.

All of this made me think about the places that I would expect cruising in Weimar, and I have to say the only place that really popped into my head was Weimarhallen Park. It’s got a few relatively well defined entrances, it has some dark patches at night, and it has bushes that can be used to hide illicit activities. I’ve even, once or twice in the dark, felt like the guys sitting on the far benches were cruising—but since it’s not really my scene, I didn’t stick around to try and figure it out.

Perhaps I should. See you at the Palais—at 11 tonight. Go commando and I will show you the time of your life.*

* Offer good for men only, must be at least 18, cute attractive and know how to use me. Smoking will decrease your odds of suck-cess.

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13 comments to Gay Weimar: Cruising Spots

  • Oh my!

    Of course your lack of ability to spot cruising is likely related to your believing, incorrectly, that nobody at UW knew you were gay. LOL

    No worries… Clearly Gay is OK!

  • disenchanted

    Ah, the flip entry appears! Although I must say that the boy on the front of your guide is very, very pretty. 🙂

  • maybe i can smuggle you into university…there are quite a few cute guys hanging out and waiting…

  • Adam, I had no clue you were gay…”what you don’t want kids?? you’ll change your mind when your wifey wants kids”

    lol. i hearts you!

  • CQ: I would pick up on cruisy spots in airports. So would you.

    Disenchanted: That boy has been airbrushed. A whole frickin’ lot!

    Anki: tell them to hit the 2nd best coffee shop on the planet. I’m there a lot — except next week, then again in the middle of May, plus june and, essentially july… so yeah, I’m there a lot!

    Koko: I love the fact that my wifey will give birth, that line still causes me great mirth!

  • Toby Hunt

    I’m not really into all this cruising mallarky but I’d like to meet some guys somewhere. Can anyone out there tell me if there is any gay bars maybe in Erfurt or Jena or where ever. I’ve been looking on the web but have’nt found anything except this leather fetish bar/skinhead bar in erfurt- again not really my bag- Some advice in this area would be much appreciated as the frustration renders me resentful. Yours regards Toby- studying in Weimar at Bauhaus

  • @Toby: Assuming your email address you entered is correct, I sent you an email with my opinions of the gay options in Weimar/Erfurt/Jena and Leipzig. Let me know if you have more questions!

  • FC

    Toby, Adam –
    It seems such a mystery; I (stupidly) thought = there are homos all over the world! Alas, I haven’t met a one here in Weimar. Been in Weimar nearly 5 months now and haven’t met any ‘members of the band,’ in fact, haven’t met much of anyone at all – no other Americans and few Germans (even though I speak German). Is it me, or is Weimar miserably cold socially? I’m not the cruisy type, just looking for someone(s) to have a few beers and laughs with or something..! Feel like I’m losing my mind – so bored… (whine whine whine… ok, you can shoot me now…!)

  • @FC: Although I live here, I am not always here–I just got back from not being here for 3 weeks. When I’m here I’ve noticed a few of us around… I hang out at Café Laden (“Weimar Office” on the blog); perhaps we will run into each other there sometime. I’ll drop you a note at the email address hidden in your comment.

  • Please see my new Gay Thüringen post for more useful information about gay life in Weimar, Erfurt, and Jena.

  • Dre

    Hey Adam,

    Sorry to hear that you are having no success finding guys in Thuringia. Unfortunately, I’ve made very similar experiences…

    I have a place in Weimar and visit every now and then (it is a good pace to reflect and relax)… I was enrolled at the Bauhaus University a year ago and kept the apartment as a base camp. Did not meet many gay people here.

    In terms of gay social life – there is not much going on here me thinks. Most of the guys I met through http://www.gayromeo.com (however, generally disappointing).

    I did go to an event at Kunstturm a couple of weeks ago and it was OK. Nothing to write home about though.

    I frequently fly to London, or travel to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and meet guys there. Gave up finding someone in Thuringia.

    Wish I could be more positive about the scene here, but just being honest.

    Keep your head up and all the best!

  • Nick

    There is a spot that looks quite hidden in the Weimarhallenpark… (close to Goetheplatz) in the right corner opposite to the congress center, aside the Schwanseestrasse…
    There is something happening …

  • […] the best, most up-to-date information about gay life (as far as I know) in Thüringen was my “Gay Weimar: Cruising Spots” entry from April 2007—seriously. It’s a bit… lacking and sad, to be […]