April 2007


Spring Cleaning

I didn’t really know what I was doing the past week at home, other than the fact that I was catching up on a lot of chores and annoyances that I should have caught up with before.

And then it dawned on me: Spring Cleaning.

Now some of the laundry I’ve done in the past 24 hours is in preparation for my journey to Leipzig and Lisbon, the fact that I’ve washed my mattress pad, quilt, and blanket as well means that I’ve moved beyond clothing and basics.

Yes, books are getting shelved, old magazines recycled, and, believe it or not, I bought a number of household cleaning supplies that I have needed—including the anti-Caulk stuff to clean my hot water pitcher: The heating element is clean, probably for the first time since it came home from the store three and a half years ago. I only wish I had thought to do this sooner.

Meanwhile my suitcase is packed for my upcoming trip: shirts, two pair of shorts, two pair of pants (the weather today in Lisbon is slightly cool with rain, so I cannot count on sunshine and warmth), plus a pair of sandals. I should even have room to buy stuff, should I find anything (clothing is unlikely because in Portugal I am way above average height, unlike the Netherlands where I am short).

Once I get back from Lisbon, I have some other cleaning projects to tackle—like that redish-orange mold growing on the inside of the shower door (the maids miss this spot, the only spot in my bathroom they miss). Does anybody have any tips on how to remove it easily and effectively?

On an amusing, and unintentional note, I forgot that May 1st is a holiday in Germany. I return from Lisbon next Monday, arriving at my home relatively late in the evening—in all likelihood too late to hit the grocery store. I shall be living off of canned food on Labor Day.

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