April 2007


Odd Dream

So last night I drempt that I was onboard an Aeroflot flight—it was a round trip flight and I remember that I left from Moscow—the runway was quite short and the take off was abrupt. I don’t remember anything else about the outward bound flight, nor much about the return flight, except that on the return we were flying really fast, and the flight attendant was a bit surprised at the speed. We were over a river, banked sharply and before anybody could prepare, we landed on the very short runway. After landing, the plane taxied a short distance to some spot, where it stopped.

And then it deflated.

I managed to open a hatch above my head and deplane (it all seemed mostly normal for some reason). After deplaning the deflated plane, the crew arrived and they seemed annoyed by the fact it had deflated. We opened the cabin door and shined a flashlight into the cabin, and who should pop out, but Cathy—the next passenger to stand up after the abrupt landing at Moscow.

On that note, I am pleased to report that today I am off to Leipzig to have lunch with Cathy and B., before going dancing at the G-Garage tonight. Tomorrow I am off to Lisbon, where, unfortunately, I think I will not have regular access to the Internets.

In other words, do not expect regular postings for the next week.

3 comments to Odd Dream

  • Aeroflot… actually I was about to take that plane but luckily I didnt. I heard some bad rumours about that airline

  • Are you sure it was Moscow and not Chicago Midway?

    That story sounds quite a bit like landing there, excepting the deflated plane.

  • Chase: Aeroflot is a fine airline. I’ve flown them, and would not hesitate to do so again.

    CQ: It was Moscow. Although it looked nothing like the Moscow Airport I’ve been to–it was an even bigger dump.