April 2007


The 25th of April

Right now I am sitting in my hotel lobby, using the free wifi to download some podcasts and read email. There’s another guy here using the wifi as well, plus two women, one of whom is wearing something that closely resembles the floral pattern of the quilt and drapes in the hotel rooms. In fact, if I am not mistaken, it is a drape—and she is wearing white slippers that are at least three inches thick. The two women are smoking cigarettes bespoiling the otherwise fresh air.

Last year when I planned my trip to Armenia, I intentionally planned to be there during the Armenian Independence Day celebrations so that I could be a part of the fun and games—and it was certainly different. This time I’ve managed to schedule myself into Lisbon for the 25th of April, Liberty Day celebrating the 1974 Carnation Revolution that ended the dictatorship of the Estado Novo.

I don’t know what to expect, but I’m heading out with somebody to explore Portugal on this fine rain-splattered day—the weather is not cooperating. I’ve had to put on my blue jeans and dress a bit warmer, something I might have to do for the rest of my stay in Portugal.

Meanwhile I took the train to Cascais yesterday to look at the beach and enjoy a bit of the water. Amazingly the 30 minute train ride cost only 1,60€—that’s the full undiscounted price. For that price in Weimar, one could ride the local bus. It would be sufficient to get you around the Weimar zone, but one would not be able to make it outside of the city limits. A thirty minute Deutsch Bahn ride would cost at least 4,60€ at the undiscounted price.

The beach was rather pretty but the clouds had started to roll-in and it was a bit cool whilst the water was downright cold. I ended up working in a café for a spell, managing to get one of many things done.

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