May 2007


Ain’t Germany

I was just looking at the Indy Indians team website–and the promotions for the Friday, June 8th home game at Victory Field:

Boy Scouts across Indiana participate in a
post-game sleepover on the field.
Sponsored by Coors Light
& U.S. Army

Coors Light?

Now while this doesn’t personally offend me, one has to wonder what marketing guru came up with the idea for Coors Light to sponsor a “Boy Scouts” (Generally under the age of 21, Religious, and Not Gay) sleepover.

The same could be said for the killing machine that is the US Army, but, oddly, it’s more politically correct for kiddies to grow up and get killed by IEDs than for them to enjoy a beer, responsibly.

6 comments to Ain’t Germany

  • Ed

    Of course each boy scout will have his own tent and no doubling up! The Sexual Predators support group will be providing the adult supervision.

  • J

    Beer and the army sponsoring a boy scouts event? That is so wrong.

  • I’m shocked!

    Shocked that a 20 year vet of the Japanese major leagues is coming to play in the American minor leagues!

    So, what’s this about giving kids beer and guns?

  • disenchanted

    Sounds like a hillbilly gathering!

  • Jul

    It’s a new recruiting technique – they’re going to get the boys drunk and convince them to enlist. How else do you think they’re going to find soldiers for this “troop surge” in Iraq?

  • The Boy Scouts, as a para-militaristic organization, is the perfect training ground for providing kid soldiers.