June 2007


Underground Railroad

One of Elizabeth and my three stops in Cincinnati was the National Underground Railroad Museum, sandwiched between the football and baseball stadiums.

The museum was kind of hokey—we managed to arrive at the same time that 400 members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The line was out the door. Fortunately the line moved quickly and […]


Today I am taking a one night holiday trip to Cincinnati—to partake of three of its most famous attractions.

The hotel should have free wifi, so expect photos and more.

International Travel

As most of you are aware, I travel some—and for the last few weeks I haven’t really traveled more than a few miles from where I am sleeping.

Today I made a big trip to a far away foreign land: Bloomington’s Westside.

I was over there because the car I am driving needed an oil […]


Since returning to the States, I’ve kind of been on a movie kick—some mediocre (Knocked Up), and some bad (Nancy Drew). There have been some really good ones—say, for instance, “Simon.”

Simon was on show at the IU Campus last night—it’s a Dutch film focusing on two things that are “matter-of-fact” to the Dutch, yet […]


I had the hiccups today.

Not once, not even twice, nor three times!

I erupted into the blasted things FOUR times today.

Enough is enough!

Gnashing and Wailing…

Yeah, so I went to the dentist and the optometrist today—and I’m happy to report that all went as well as it could have gone.

My time at the dentist’s office went very quickly: I was in and out of the office in about 35 minutes, at the most. The part of the procedure I […]

Eye for an Eye

And a tooth for a tooth.

Monday morning I’m getting a tooth filled—and since I’m in for a penny, I decided to go for getting my eyes examined as well. I hate getting my eyes examined even more than getting teeth filled.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be staying in a very dark cave—although it will seem […]

First Four: 6401

Dear Ms. Cell Phone Talker

I realize that you were trying to do three things at once in your red car tonight: talk on the cell phone, use the ATM, and try to think.

However because you were foolishly multitasking—and not focusing on any one task—you managed to leave your ATM card in the machine—plus […]

Warning! NC-17!

Mingle2 – Online Dating

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