June 2007



About a month ago J, of Germany Doesn’t Suck, announced that today would be the 4th annual International Webloggers Day—and I decided to participate, adding the little button to my sidebar and then promptly forgetting about the event.

Needless to say, I was suddenly reminded about it today and discovered it’s theme, “solidarity.”

Oddly today is also Flag Day in the States—a day dedicated to reminding us how wonderful the American flag is and all that it does for us. Specifically it commemorates the day that the Continental Congress adopted the flag in 1777. Prior to that day it had shuffled between numerous foster families after having been rescued from an abusive opposite-gender parental family.

Within the States the flag is seen as a mark of solidarity: flying the flag means that you are one of us. Or, maybe, “one of U.S.” Those who do not fly the flag are perceived as unpatriotic and sympathetic with Osama bin Laden.

According to the religious right / rabid Republicans I fall into the category of Osama bin Laden lovers as I do not fly the flag.

I try to avoid flying the flag because I believe flag flying is superficial patriotism. People who fly the flag, put yellow ribbons on their cars, or shout about how much they love their country are also the ones who are most likely to litter, be anti-gay rights, and want to tell me how to live my life.

I suppose my ranting seemingly takes me away from the topic of solidarity; but it does not. Rather I stand in solidarity with humankind—I want a peaceful society with opportunity for all. I want everyone on this great planet to have the opportunity for education, to travel, to find jobs, or to be entrepreneurial.

We, as a global society, must make a concerted effort t stop killing or damning people for things they cannot control (race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or whatever). We need to remember that despite all the perceived superficial differences, at the very core, every man, woman, and child is well over 99% genetically identical. Blogging is a great way to learn about each other and overcome differences: something I do everyday when I read blogs written by people in foreign locals.

And that is why I support International Webloggers Day. I hope you do as well.

6 comments to Solidarity

  • adam, i’m right there with you about blind patriotism for what punk-rock speaker jello biafra refers to as the, “yankee swastika”. have you ever listened to the spoken word of him, or of bruce mccullough (kids in the hall)? they both have some pretty insightful and funny things to say about the flag and america. i’ll have to burn some of it on a disc for you. glad you’re in town! i hope to see you before july 1st!! perhaps we should get a smoothie at soma or something next friday afternoon (22nd).

  • When I’ve had a flag to display I do not display it all the time. I save it for certain appropriate holidays such as today (flag day), Independence day, Memorial Day, and Veterans day.

    I *never* display it on religious holidays or days set aside to commorate a single dead person (Presidents day).

    I wouldn’t display it every day of the year because I think it would bastardize the meaning of the flag, and government buildings display it enough as it is.

  • J

    ‘Within the States the flag is seen as a mark of solidarity: flying the flag means that you are one of us. Or, maybe, “one of U.S.” Those who do not fly the flag are perceived as unpatriotic and sympathetic with Osama bin Laden.’

    My, how things have changed.

    I know I’ve lived abroad for a long time now, but that wasn’t how it was when I lived in the US. Sure, the overly-patriotic flew their flags but the rest of us just went about our business, not realizing it was Flag Day til someone pointed it out to us.

  • Ed

    OMG! Yesterday was flag day? I missed it. I don’t think a saw a single flag. Should I have myself thrown in prison and beaten with a rubber hose because I’m unpatriotic?

  • I watched a dancer pull off his pants to reveal flag underwear.

    That’s how I celebrated flag day.

  • @jen: Friday the 22nd at soma in the afternoon sounds good to me. Email me.

    @cq: I can’t think the last time I displayed the US flag…

    @j: its not as bad as i make it out, I was parodying a bit the Faux News approach to the world.

    @ed: you’d like it too much.

    @domoni: flag undies are gross and would violate the flag desecration amendment.