July 2007


Monday with Chicago Anke

Chicago Anke arrived in Indianapolis today, and we had a series of cool adventures in Indy and Bloomington. Here are a couple of photos.

Fab Friday

Yeah, it’s Sunday and I am finally writing about Friday.

Friday, you see, was a really good day. I had things scheduled all day long and each one of the things was enjoyable.

It started at 10 with a haircut from my favorite stylist (globally speaking, not just locally). It’s always fun talking to the […]

Silly Charges

It appears that a suspect fleeing police in Phoenix is going to face criminal charges because four people in two helicopters died when the helicopters collided.

Only in America.

Without any disrespect to the deceased, I have to say that the accident in the skies above Phoenix yesterday was a long time coming: two helicopters […]


Tonight (Friday night) I did something that I had only seen my friend Mateo do.

Big Prizes if you guess what.

Photo Friday: Loud

A moment of Zen in on a loud dance floor.

Photo Friday Entry (#94) | elmada.com Home

Clean House

My time in Bloomington is starting to come to a close: In one week I will be sitting on a plane headed to Frankfurt and my return to calling Weimar home.

For now, however, it is time to clean house: get it spotless so that when the owner returns, they find no flaws—or at least […]

Why I ♥ Bloomington

There’s a lot to love about Bloomington. Like any college town, there is definitely a town-gown struggle. However, it isn’t as bad as it is in other places because, as far as I see the Bloomington culture, it coincides with the liberal culture and values of the non-university citizens.

There’s a lot of community media […]

A Fair to Remember

It’s time for the Monroe County Fair. Tonight I headed out there with Mateo and Chaz and had a great time. Below are a few random photos from the evening. Even more are in the Monroe County Fair Set.


Acoustically Exhausting

I headed to College Mall today in order to buy some clothing that I wouldn’t be willing to buy used—the types of things I was buying were things I would have picked up at Macy’s, but due to Macy’s abysmal performance in New York City, my lifelong boycott of the chain prevented me from buying […]

Frankfurt CSD & More

Whilst my dinner plans fell through (my colleague never showed and I did not have a handy with me), it turns out that this weekend is Christopher Street Days in Frankfurt—and my hotel, which I inaccurately called a “seedy hotel” was actually quite nice and just a block from the main stage for Friday’s beer […]