July 2007


I Scream!

Lactose Free Ice Cream!One of the happier discoveries I’ve made on this trip to the States is the invention of Lactose Free Bryer’s Vanilla Ice Cream.

Oh sweet heaven!

I’ve been having serious issues with milk in the past two years—to the point where I avoid drinking it in any form (viva Soy-Lattes!) including ice cream. I can actually distinctly remember the last time I had ice cream in Weimar—and I won’t share the details.

The ice cream tastes as good as any other of the Bryer’s flavors I remember—so it’s high quality, even if a bit pricey.

8 comments to I Scream!

  • Ed

    I drink Lactose free milk at $4 a half gallon. I’ll have to look for this unique and exciting type of Ice Cream of which you speak.

  • It’s at the Krogers in Bloomington.

  • I’m glad I have no such issues right now. I’d cry if I lost ice cream. 🙁

  • Bud

    Does Lactaid (or however spelled) help?

  • disenchanted

    I loves me some ice cream. I’d be sad if I couldn’t have it. 🙂

  • @CQ: Awe… there are often alternatives. Not always though.

    @Bud: Lactaid would work–but I’d have to remember to carry it with me, and often its easier just to avoid it. I can tolerate milk in small quantities: cheese on a cheeseburger will not cause me issues, but an ice cream cone will be an issue.

    @disenchanted: I’m in heaven this summer 🙂

  • koko

    I’m all about soy in my coffee other wise you and me both will be coffee buddies 😀 I can’t do the lactaid…it seems to make it worse, but that’s probably because i have a milk allergy and not a lactase deficiency. meh.

    don’t ever eat rice dream ice cream it’s awful. the soydelicious ice cream is wonderful…i think it’s the chocolate velvet that tastes wonderful! 🙂 like brownie batter! 🙂

  • Cousin Chris

    At least when I stay at Joanne’s house, I clean the grout! For shame Adam.