July 2007


Bear-ly Mobile

Lunch today could have been a scene from Bear Cub, a rapid-fire Spanish flick about a bear and his bear-friends. The Chief Bear was left his nephew to raise when the nephew’s Mother did something really stupid in a foreign country.

Great film, but back to lunch.

It could have been a scene from Bear Cub, if it weren’t for the fact that K and I were dining with one of Bloomington’s more famous suave heterosexual males at a non-descript Chinese restaurant in the area. Instead it was a scene from some ‘one straight guy dining with two gay guys comedy’ which reached its climax when the straight-man’s mobile phone rang.

He ignored it.

“It’s my dentist,” he explained. “I am afraid to talk to him right now.”

K and I looked puzzled and we continued our conversation about a potential trip to Mongolia, when the Straight-Man’s mobile beeped at him: he had a message. He immediately listened to the message, from the dentist, and then called the dentist, who did not answer—he got voicemail.

“I’m sorry I missed your call a few minutes ago,” Straight Man said. “Please give me a call, I need to reschedule my appointment.”

K and I were stunned by Straight-Man’s odd behavior. The dentist had just called three minutes ago and he had purposefully ignored him—and Straight Man tried to divert our attention back to the possible trip to Mongolia, only to have his mobile ring less than a minute later. K and I were left to ponder—perhaps the Dentist also screened his calls?

It’s amazing how technology allows us instant communication with people wherever they are located—eating bad Chinese food at a nondescript Chinese restaurant or on top of the world in Nepal. Either way, there’s value in not being connected: I have taken to leaving my US mobile phone at home—just to be disconnected.

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