July 2007


Frankfurt & Hoosier Bound

In an hour or so I will be on a train to Frankfurt—off to spend the night at a seedy hotel before catching my flights to the States on Saturday morning.

The trip to Indiana is not working out quite the way I planned—I’d originally planned to take the late afternoon flight from Frankfurt to Detroit and then to Indianapolis—a flight that leaves sufficiently late to allow me to buy Harry Potter in Jena or Weimar before taking the train to Frankfurt and flying to the States. Unfortunately the late afternoon flight to the States was cancelled and the only way I could make sure I have time to buy the new Harry Potter (in British English) before leaving Europe is to do a double connection via Amsterdam and Memphis.

I’ll be getting to Indiana at about the same time had my original flights not been cancelled, but at the cost of getting up early and the double connection.

Saturday is going to be a long, exhausting, day.

Fortunately there’s nothing going on when I get to Indiana so I will be able to find a bed and sleep like a baby.

Anyhow, as you might remember, that leaves me spending the night in what I consider to be one of the worst cities on the planet: Frankfurt. Happily I am going to be having dinner with a colleague who is leaving my office. She’s in Frankfurt working her new position today and I am excited at the prospect of eating dinner with a native German who might be able to help me decode the Frankfurt Restaurant Scene better than I have ever been able to do.

Happily this past week has been interesting and challenging (and I’ve had to let a number of personal emails slip, my apologies, if you are amongst them)—so I am not sad that I stayed a few more days than I really needed to.

I’ll be back here in just two weeks, but there is so much to see and do while in Indiana, I hope I have time for everything. I am especially excited because part of the Weimar Office is going to come to see me!

8 comments to Frankfurt & Hoosier Bound

  • Ed

    You’ll have ot entertain the German visitors. How about showing them teh 3rd largest Viaduct in the world. It is in Greene County near Tulip. Richland Creek runs under it. A bit hard to find but worth the drive.

  • koko

    i fear that i will have to avoid your blog til i’m finished reading HP 🙁

  • Ed

    I fear I’ll have to avoid all blogs until I learn how to spell.

  • J

    My goodness, you’ve visited the US more this month than I have in the last five years!

    I do hope you have a better time in Ffurt this time.

  • yes yes, and i am very excited traveling, to see your fields of home then.

  • Ed

    Hoosier Bound? This Hoosier hasn’t been bound in a long time. Lucky you, any one I know?

  • Reko

    Welcome back to Bloomington, Senor Adam! Long time no see!

  • @ed: The bridge is an excellent idea! I love the place.

    @koko: I will not reveal anything.

    @j: FRA was ok this time. Details coming.

    @anki: I am so looking forward to it as well!

    @Reko: Danke!