July 2007


A Fair to Remember

It’s time for the Monroe County Fair. Tonight I headed out there with Mateo and Chaz and had a great time. Below are a few random photos from the evening. Even more are in the Monroe County Fair Set.

Friendly Goat

Adam and a Tractor!

Deep Fat Fried Twinkie

Bull Riding!

Tractor Pull

Chickens at the Fair

Lactation Station Notice

6 comments to A Fair to Remember

  • Ed

    Love the picture by the tractors, you look so innocent. Oops what is the name of that tractor?
    I’m a chicken guy (don’t ask) love the picture of the Columbian Rock Pullet.
    What is that food on a stick? I go by the Fair grounds twice a week. But in the mornings there is less activity.

  • @Ed: I am innocent. The food on a stick is a Deep Fat Fried Twinkie, with powdered sugar.

  • Ed

    It is your lucky day. Deep Fried Twinkies from the Monroe county fair are fat free. So are their Fish sandwiches.
    The first picture got my Goat. So did they look at you funny when you visited the Lactation station?
    I’m not a parent but I think if I was breastfeeding a baby I wouldn’t take it out to the Fairgrounds in July. I’d find an air condiitoned place and stay there.

  • @ed: I won’t believe you about the Deep Fat Fried Twinkies… those things, although yummy, have got to be the world’s worst food. As for the parenting aspects of taking a nursing baby to the fair: I’m not a nursing mom, but I would probably skip the fair if my teat were responsible for keeping a kid fed.

  • B.

    Oh. My. God. Deep fried twinkies with powdered sugar??? Who thinks of shit like that?

    (p.s. bring one home for me… heh)

  • @B: I would have to be in restraints to not eat it.